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orange alert in the AMBA and the Buenos Aires territory for tonight and early Monday morning

The Buenos aires city and the Buenos Aires province They present a Sunday with cloudy skies, low probability of isolated storms during the day. However, they declared Orange alert for possible heavy storms for the night, when Christmas will be celebrated.

The maximum temperature will reach 30 degrees

This is stated by the National Meteorological Service (SMN)which also points out that the temperature, which at the beginning of the day is in the 20 degreeswill oscillate between that mark and the 30 degrees.

Meanwhile, for tomorrow Monday, holiday for Christmas, the weather forecast for Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area accounts for a day with cloudy skies, with a low probability of isolated storms in the morning and afternoon, and a high possibility of strong storms for the night.

yellow alert.jpeg

Electrical storms, gusts of wind and hail in the province of Buenos Aires

After the violent phenomenon of White Baywhere 13 people died, and the successive storms that hit Olavarria, The authorities have taken extreme recommendations to stay in safe places since thunderstorms, intense gusts of wind and occasional hail are predicted.

Likewise, a second alert was issued that occupies the area of ​​the Salado and the Atlantic Coast Buenos Aires heavy rain, gusts and occasional hail.

The SMN estimated that there will be rains that would range between 20 and 50 millimeters.

The phenomenon covers the municipalities of Gonzales Chaves, Ayacucho, Azul, Balcarce, Benito Juárez, Dolores, General Alvarado, General Guido, General Madariaga, General Pueyrredon, Laprida, Lobería, Maipú, Mar Chiquita, Necochea, Olavarría, Pinamar, Rauch, San Cayetano, Tandil and Villa Gesell .

The weather will improve on Tuesday

According to the forecast of the SMNthe weather will improve on Tuesday, the first business day of the last week of the year, when the sky will be somewhat cloudy, the minimum temperature will be in the 12 degrees and the maximum at 26.

For the rest of the week, the weather forecast foresees somewhat to partially cloudy days, without rain, and thermal marks that will vary between 17 and 32 degrees.

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