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Rodolfo Barra affirmed that there is no turning back for the DNU and that the protections will be defeated

The Attorney General of the National Treasury, Rodolfo BarraI affirm that “there is no turning back” for him DNU deregulation of the economy; he considered that “the amparistas are going to be defeated” against the measure by the “jurisprudence” of the Supreme Court and stated that “legislators can divide it into ten different laws with ‘mirror’ or more or less modified content.”

At the same time, he remembered that Contracts that were signed before the repeal of the Rental Law are “worth” provided by the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) of the national Government.

“I believe that the amparistas are going to be defeated, they are not right. Because of the Court’s own jurisprudence,” he said the head of the State’s lawyers in dialogue with radio Rivadavia.

Rodolfo Barra spoke about the need and urgency that the country is going through

The official, who indicated that “there are three” protections and that “there may be more,” he questioned these actions and argued that “The country is in a terrible situation” and “they need emergency measures”.

“If the challenge to the decree There is no need for urgency, I think that is lost. For what she has already said Court and so it is common sense,” said the former member of the country’s highest court, former Minister of Justice of the Government of Carlos Menem and former Auditor General of the Nation.

In that sense, Barra indicated that “there is no turning back” to the DNU announced last week by President Javier Milei, and “especially when we talk about this at Christmas, a date of hope.”

Barra referred to the possibility of dividing the DNU into laws

In relation to the request for a opposition sector to divide the decree into laws to be dealt with by Congress, the Treasury Attorney indicated that legislators “They already have it there and they can do it”.

“If they want, legislators can divide it into 10 different laws, approving what is there or with ‘mirror’ content, or more or less modified,” he explained.

When asked about the validity of the contracts signed with the Rental LawBarra maintained that “in principle, that contract is valid.”

“Yes, the contract does, but as long as it does not oppose the change of regime. The Civil Code says that acquired rights cannot be invoked against public order regulations”he added.

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