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Government will send Congress a package of laws to discuss in extraordinary sessions

December 27, 2023 – 11:11

The initiative will be called “law of bases and starting points for the freedom of Argentines,” the presidential spokesperson announced.


This was reported by the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni at a press conference at Government House and specified that “includes deep, necessary, urgent reforms in tax, labor, criminal, energy and electoral matters.”

In addition, the spokesperson reported that 20,000 calls have already been received to line 134, of which 1,500 “they provided relevant data on extortionists” to participate in the mobilization called for today by the CGT and other social organizations at the Courts, in rejection of the decree of necessity and urgency of deregulation of the economy.

Government called extraordinary sessions until January 31

The Executive Branch made official on Tuesday the call to extraordinary sessions of the National Congress that will take place starting today and until next January 31with the publication of Decree 76/2023 published in the Official Gazette.

Among the initiatives that the national government will send to Congress national legislation for treatment during this period includes a broad law on State reform, the establishment of the Single Paper Ballot as a voting method in national elections, and the modification of the Income Tax regime.

Changes in Profits: the project entered for extraordinary

The project linked to the modifications to the tax on Profits will enter Parlamento by the Chamber of Deputiesand, with this initiative, the national government will try to reverse what was approved last September, when only workers with gross salaries of around 2,000,000 pesos began to pay the tax.

Although the fine print of the initiative that will finally be sent for legislative discussion is unknown, the changes promoted by the Executive would imply that those who have gross monthly salaries greater than an amount around 975 thousand pesos will begin to pay profits.

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