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Reserves plummeted to 40% and expect the worst season in 20 years

The Summer Vacation are just around the corner in Argentina and several cities in the Atlantic Coast are concerned about the low number of reservations that are being registered, among them Pinamar, which would have the worst season in 20 years according to the authorities of the local Chamber of Tourism.

This seaside resort city is one of the most important destinations on the Argentine coast: it has a total of 25 thousand hotel beds and 355 thousand non-hotel beds among the houses and private apartments on offer.

The head of the local Chamber of Tourism, Alfredo Baldini, He spoke with El Destape Sin Fin and acknowledged a drop in reserves in Pinamar from 80% to 40%: “We are facing a season that we have not had for a long time due to the low amount of reserves. We are absolutely worried.”

Baldini also highlighted that in Argentina “there is a very big economic crisis and that people are saving their money, this added to other factors means that the reserves (in Pinamar) are at minimum levels as we have not seen in 20 years.”

To finish, the president of the Pinamar Chamber of Tourism He assured that “the season is going to be very complex to cope with” and also observed that this factor can have repercussions throughout the year because many businesses depend largely on the profits they obtain during the summer.

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How much does it cost to rent in Pinamar?

For several years now, figures in dollars have been used in Pinamar to rent tourist properties.

A standard apartment for a couple with two small children is around 150 dollars per nightso a fortnight costs u$s2,250which is equivalent to more than $2 million at the blue exchange rate.

However, large properties with swimming pools can be worth US$15,000 per fortnight.

Controversy over renting a property for 15 days

Social networks were the scene of a strong controversy after a user of the social network X (formerly Twitter) published a message that surprised more than one tourist or resident of Pinamar.

The controversy was started Lady Market, who revealed that a landlord had contacted him to lower a price for renting a property. According to the user, at first they asked her for a price of US$10,000 for a stay of a fortnight, which he refused.

As the days passed and given the lack of interest among tourists in Pinamar due to the high prices, the same owner contacted him again to offer a 40% discount. “He lowered it to 6000,” said on the networks Lady Market. After that publication, the messages on X multiplied for and against summer vacations on the Atlantic Coast.

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Once the controversy was established and with Pinamar as a trend in X, the same user published several hours later: “I won’t stop until 2000.”

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