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The Government suspended the official guideline for a year

The Government today suspended for one year “official institutional advertising and communication campaigns of a onerous nature”, although it reserved the possibility of suspending the measure and exempted from it cases of official advertising that arise from current regulations.

The measure, which had been announced days ago as “the official suspension” of the official guideline, was made official this Wednesday through decree 89/2023 published in the Official Gazette.

The decree, in its first article, suspends “for a period of ONE (1) year, counted from the publication of this decree, the institutional advertising and communication campaigns of an expensive nature carried out by the CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION.”

Furthermore, it clarifies in the second, that “the enforcement authority may, by duly founded act and whenever circumstances make it appropriate, extend the suspension provided for herein.”

Likewise, it exempts in the third part of the established suspension, “acts of official advertising whose obligation arises from current regulations, as well as campaigns that result from cases of force majeure or duly justified specific communication needs that may arise.

In the recitals of the decree it is stated that “without prejudice to the obligations that weigh on the NATIONAL STATE regarding the dissemination of government acts and communication to citizens, in the current circumstances it is advisable to suspend the carrying out of non-essential campaigns with double objective of adapting structures and procedures and making spending more efficient”.

In this context, it is indicated that “it is appropriate to discriminate, with regard to the publicity of government acts, those in which it is necessary, from those in which it can be omitted following criteria of opportunity and convenience.”

It is also specified that “the establishment of a temporary suspension of the carrying out of official advertising campaigns must leave safe those whose obligation derives from current regulations – publication of laws, decrees, administrative decisions and resolutions, among others -, as well as the exceptions derived from force majeure or specific duly justified communication needs that may arise.”

On the other hand, the rule states that “the pertinent legal service has taken the intervention that is its responsibility.”

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