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They define collective increases and call on companies to negotiate

After the 50% reduction in the service of the bus lines of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, the national government convened the business chambers of the sector to negotiate and will meet on Thursday at 4 p.m., as confirmed Ambit. The expectation of the chambers is to sit down and listen to the proposal of the Executive Branch since it is the first work meeting.

Faced with the imminent removal of subsidies and the increase in rates, the transport companies, which demand a solution to their lack of financing, made the decision to reduce trip frequency by halfwhich generated discomfort among users.

In that framework, the Government called to the main Transport business chambers to a meeting for next Thursday with the aim of unblocking the conflict and guarantee the percentage current bus routes.

The meeting will be headed by the Secretary of Transportation of the Nation, Franco Mogettaand will be attended by the Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs (AAETA), the Chamber of Transportation of the Province of Buenos Aires (CTPBA), the Business Chamber of Passenger Transportation (CEAP), and the Business Chamber of the Buenos Aires Urban Passenger Transport (CEUTUPBA).

The position of the companies

As indicated from AAETA, The conflict is due to the lack of updating in the payment of subsidies since September, which leads to “the lack of resources of the operators to provide all the services, since there is not enough money to cover the diesel price adjustments.”

In this framework, they made it clear that they will not go to the meeting with the Government with a specific claim, but rather that the idea “is to go listen to the proposal that they have from the Executive Branch to solve the conflict.”

However, they warned that if there is no answer to their problems in the short termthe frequency of the lines could be even more affected during the night, “dropping to less than even 50%so that normal circulation can continue during peak hours.”

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According to the bus companies, the bus ticket should be $800.

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What will be the price of the minimum bus ticket?

Two weeks ago, the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, issued a recorded message in which he listed a series of decisions framed in a package of economic urgency which translates into tariff adjustment measures and among them the reduction of transportation subsidies.

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, had announced that the reduction in subsidies would become effective in January, while Caputo specified that the reduction in state contributions will be 35%. It is not yet officially known what the value of the minimum ticket will be, but the companies warn that without subsidies this price should be 800 pesos.

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