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After the Cabinet meeting, Milei greeted again from the balcony of the Casa Rosada

Javier Milei heads a new Cabinet meeting at Casa Rosada

He president Javier Milei is meeting this Thursday morning along with a part of his Cabinet starting from 8:40 in the Pink House, after shipment to Congress of the bill of “Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines” which aims to continue with political, economic and social reforms.

The Cabinet heads its second meeting of the week in a context of political upheaval due to the sending of the package of laws to the National Congress, better known as the “omnibus law“; a set of measures that must be dealt with by the two legislative chambers in extraordinary sessions and that aim at political, economic, electoral and social reforms.

The meeting was attended by the vice president, Victoria Villarruel; the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei; the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse; Guillermo Francos, Diana Mondino, Luis Caputo, Guillermo Ferraro, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, Mario Russo, Patricia Bullrich, Sandra Pettovello.

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