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The omnibus law enables the elimination of energy subsidies

The government of Javier Milei will seek to modifyamong other of the hundreds of changes that he introduced in the project of “omnibus law”, the powers of the executive branch in the granting of energy subsidies until December 31, 2025.

As stipulated in article 318, of the law that has a total of 664, the Executive may “create, modify, transform and/or eliminate trust funds for the energy sector, including those intended for subsidiesreviewing their origin and destination, in order to ensure greater efficiency and efficiency in resource allocation that integrate them and in the control at the time of their implementation and application”.

This way, you won’t have to go through the Congress to review the origin and destination of funds destined for energy subsidies.

Energy deregulation: all modifications to the “omnibus law”

Another of the reforms that seeks to introduce Milei in energy matters aims to grant important powers to the Executive branch in the Regulatory Framework for Electrical Energy “with the purpose of guaranteeing” a series of aspects related to the matter.

The first of the paragraphs in this regard refers to “international free trade in electrical energy“. According to the project, the exporter will be able determine the necessary mechanisms “in order to avoid the lack of supply of the internal market and under conditions of security and reliability of the system”.

On the other hand, it establishes the “free marketing, competition and expansion of electricity marketsespecially the free choice of electricity supplier to end users”. For example, users in the city of Buenos Aires could choose between the two available companies, Edenor and Edesuror among possible new suppliers.

In addition, it authorizes the “development of infrastructure transport of electrical energy through open mechanisms, transparent, efficient and competitive”.

According to the project, the Executive branch could also provide for the “review of administrative structures modernizing them and professionalizing them, for a better compliance of the assigned functions”.

Energy: Milei will seek to unify Enargas and Enre

Also in energy matters, Milei aims to form the National Gas and Electricity Regulatory Entitythus unifying the entities that currently operate separately, National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) and the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas), as I had anticipated Ambit.

In any case, in the text they clarify that both organizations They will continue “in the exercise of their respective functions” until the new Entity is established.

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