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He came to close the Central Bank but what wants to close is Congress

December 29, 2023 – 15:25

The governor of Buenos Aires fired against the presidential DNU and the omnibus law. “He proposes labor reform by decree and that generates reactions,” he said.

He governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, said today that President Javier Milei made the “largest devaluation in history two days after taking office.” Although during the campaign he had said that he was coming to close the Central Bank, “what seems to be wanting to close Congress,” when questioning the decree of necessity and urgency (DNU) for the deregulation of the economy and the so-called omnibus law sent by the Executive Branch .

“They wonder why they react so quickly, because they did the largest devaluation in Argentine history two days after taking office and then they presented this DNU, I am not a lawyer but There is no constitutionalist who endorses the DNUis absolutely contrary to the division of powers,” Kicillof said in statements made this morning to Radio 10.

Axel Kicillof’s statements against Javier Milei’s DNU

Also, he pointed out that “obviously he prepared it before and hid it and hid it because This baggage of decisions were not said in the campaign nor elaborated in the government.

“They mixed it up so much that neither (Daniel) Sabsay nor (Ricardo) Gil Lavedra or (Andrés) Gil Domínguez (defend it), all the constitutionalists who, when there was a DNU on the table, said it was an abuse, now There is a DNU with 300 laws that they intend to end, it is very serious“he explained.

What the DNU means for Axel Kicillof

For Kicillof, the decree presented by the president “makes daily life more complex, removes instruments that prevent abuse; credit cards that can charge anything in favor of banks; collects accounts salaries; allows you to collect withdrawals at ATMs, They complicate people and then sell our assets“.

“Finally, he proposes labor reform by decree and that generates reactions”said the Buenos Aires president.

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