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Javier Milei communicated by letter that Argentina renounces the BRICS

He president Javier Milei officially communicated in a letter sent to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa that Argentina resigns from the multilateral bloc BRICS. The incorporation of the country had been decided during the mandate of Alberto Fernández, which was supported by Xi Jinping.

This decision implies a geopolitical distancing, especially with China and Russia. However, Milei has expressed its rejection of the closeness with these countries, pointing out that it will not promote agreements with communist regimes.

Government sources confirmed that a note was sent to the presidents of the five countries that make up the bloc: Luis Inácio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa), Narendra Modi (India), Xi Jinping (China) and Vladimir Putin (Russia).

As it turned out, the letters state that “It is not considered appropriate at this stage to participate as a member starting January 1, 2024 since many axes of current foreign policy differ from the previous” administration.

Last August, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were accepted to join the group starting January 1, 2024.

The Brics forum currently represents 36% of the world’s GDP and 46% of the planet’s population.


Javier Milei’s resignation from the BRICS

When the president was consulted about the BRICS, he had replied: “I am not going to promote a deal with communists“and made it clear that his ideology rejects China’s agenda and is more assimilated to that of the United States.

In that context, Javier Milei He made the decision to renounce the association, something that he had to make official these days since if he did not do so formally, Argentina would have shared a multilateral relationship with China, Russia and Iran as of January 1.

For this reason, the president asked Diana Mondino to send a text for the letters to the five countries announcing that Argentina is withdrawing from the BRICS. In the letter, the will to withdraw is announced, but without causing damage to relations with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Milei: close to the United States and Israel

Since the BRICS You already know that Argentina renounced its membership. Xi Jinping did everything possible to incorporate the country during the Government of Alberto Fernández, and now he has failed to convince Milei despite the pressure exerted from certain diplomatic channels.

The truth is Milei has a stance closer to USA and Israel, rejecting China’s agenda and foreign policy. Argentina’s resignation from loa BRICS It implies a geopolitical change with respect to the impediment of the country sharing a multilateral stage with China, Russia and Iran, who support the Hamas organization.

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