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Javier Milei’s mega DNU comes into force

December 29, 2023 – 00:00

Today the 366 articles of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency promulgated by Javier Milei last week come into force. When will it go through Congress?


Although The rule still has to go through Congress, which may approve or reject it in its entirety, will remain in force until it is voted on. The DNU only needs the approval by a simple majority of one of the two Chambers to be endorsed. The same applies to the Judiciary, which also has the power to consider it invalid.

Before being processed in the facility, the decree must go through the Bicameral Legislative Procedure Commission, a group of 8 senators and 8 deputies in charge of analyzing whether the Executive power met the formal requirements such as deadlines and whether the “need” and “urgency” are justified.

However, the treatment of DNU will see an obstacle after the opinion of the bicameral commission: due to the extraordinary sessions called by the national government itself, the package of measures that aims to deregulate the economy It will not be possible to vote in the plenary session of either of the two legislative chambers until March 1.

During all that time, The Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) will remain in force from the first day to a eventual rejection at the hands of one of the two powers.

Who are the members of the Bicameral Commission confirmed so far?

Members of the Chamber of Deputies

  • Oscar Zago (Freedom Advances)
  • Lisandro Almirón (Freedom Advances)
  • Máximo Kirchner (Union for the Homeland)
  • Ramiro Gutiérrez (Union for the Homeland)
  • Hernán Lombardi (PRO)
  • Francisco Monti (UCR)
  • Nicolás Massot (Federal Exchange)

Members of the Senate

  • Juan Carlos Pagotto (Freedom Advances)
  • María Teresa González (Union for the Homeland)
  • Mariano Recalde (Union for the Homeland)
  • Anabel Fernández Sagasti (Union for the Homeland)
  • Silvia Sapag (Union for the Homeland)
  • Luis Judge (PRO)
  • Victor Zimmerman (UCR)
  • “Camau” Espínola (Federal Unit)
  • Juan Carlos Romero (Federal Exchange)

DNU of Javier Milei: today it comes into effect

Javier Milei’s DNU, by law, comes into force this Friday, eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

The reforms will take effect for a minimum of two months and, within this framework, the more than 300 reforms will impact the economic, political and social reality of the country.

What are the next steps of Javier Milei’s DNU

Each of the DNU promulgated by the Executive branch They must have a prior passage through Congress. Throughout the process, where legislators They will analyze whether or not they approve the measurewill maintain the force of law.

Once the Chief of Staff presents the text in the legislative chamber, the Bicameral Commission must submit an opinion that has the signature of the absolute majority of its members to both chambersalso within 10 days. In this opinion, the Bicameral must be issued on the validity or invalidity of the decree and on the formal origin and adaptation to the bases of the delegation and the term set for its exercise.

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