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Government seeks to approve part of the reforms before January 31

In radio statements, the official of the Government of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) showed his optimism regarding the extraordinary sessions: “I am optimistic that We are going to achieve a quorum and before January 31st we will have the first part of a new Argentina in matters of law. “We have time in January to work on the best solution and we will surely come to an agreement.”

“We are trapped in a tangle of regulations and public spending,” said the legislator and acknowledged that, although “there are controversial things, they can be worked on and consensus achieved.”

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Martín Menem was optimistic about the extraordinary sessions in Congress.

Menem on the Omnibus Law: “The intention is to vote as soon as possible”

And I add: “The intention is to vote as soon as possible”although he analyzed that “we are facing the most fragmented Chamber of Deputies in history.”

The former president’s nephew also criticized the appeal for protection against the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) presented by the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, for which he requested the “unconstitutionality” of the rule. “It is unfortunate. It seems ridiculous to me that the same governor who said that he was not going to abide by any ruling of the Court today presents an amparo just in case. “It’s a desire to hinder a Government when people want change.”

“This speaks clearly about what is happening in the province that she is kidnapped by a powerful group that has impoverished it,” he said in his criticism of the management in La Rioja.

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The Government will seek to approve a first part of the laws before February.

The Government will seek to approve a first part of the laws before February.


Martín Menem on the votes in Deputies to approve the omnibus Law: “The number is there”

In previous television statements, the recently appointed president of the lower house showed tranquility in relation to the “porote” of the Omnibus Law and its approval:

“When you start to talk, I think we have the number: we have 38 deputies; 37 of the PRO; 33 of radicalism, and there an important sector of radicalism is going to support measures; and to the block Pichetto (NdR: We make Federal Coalition) I see him accompanying”, analyzed the Riojan, who pointed out that “everyone has observations and that is what Parliament is for. We are going to discuss it and we are going to do everything we have to do so that freedom is once again in the north of each of us, but the number is“.

Interviewed by A24, Martin Menem exalted the presidential figure: “It is great, it is very important but it is what was transmitted throughout the Milei political career“Rarely has a candidate said I’m going to do this, and he comes and does it,” he added and considered that “Those who attack” the Government’s proposals “were the ones who lost” the elections.

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