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one by one, the workers who will receive increases and bonuses in January

For the consultant Analytics, The real exchange rate, wages and inflation are currently located at an intermediate level between those observed in the previous Convertibility and the Austral Plan. In this difficult panorama, several unions already negotiated the first part of the year with trigger clauses.

In this note, one by one the workers who will receive salary increases – although below inflation – guild by guild.


The National Federation of Truck Workersled by Hugo Moyano, closed its first salary increase in the Government of Javier Milei: to compensate for the latest inflationary stampede, workers will receive a 12.5% ​​in January and 21% in February. And in this last month, negotiations will begin to define the new increases that will apply for the March-April 2024 bimester.

Food workers

The Federation of Food Industry Workers (FCTIA) managed to close an agreement within the framework of the joint ventures that contemplates an increase of 66.5% for the last quarter of 2023 and that includes the first month of 2024.

In January, workers will be paid in an increase of 23.5%, which responds to the month of December. The agreement also details a clause revision effective to continue with salary updates.

Commercial Employees

The Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS) agreed to a 13.3% update in December to be collected in the month of January. This implies that, in the first month of 2024, all workers will receive a remuneration of more than $397,400.


The Argentine Federation of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries Workers (FATIQyP) achieved a super year-end bonus of $200,000 and an increase in January 16% on the December 2023 scale.

Julio Barroso, the representative of FATIQyP, promised that, if INDEC publishes an inflation higher than the agreed percentage, “the difference will be paid in the following month.”

Domestic workers

The Union of Auxiliary Personnel of Private Houses (UNACP) He asked to convene a session of the National Commission for Work in Private Homes (CNTCP) of an “urgent and without delay” nature in order to update salary values.

While the most conflictive points of Javier Milei’s DNU are resolved, the workers will receive an increase in 10% in Januarywith a review clause until December 2023.

Seedbeds and rural workers

The Association of Argentine Seed Growers (ASA) together with the Argentine Union of Rural Workers and Stevedores (UATRE) agreed at a joint work table on the salary update corresponding to the months of December 2023 and January 2024. In addition, the payment of an extraordinary non-remunerative allocation for seed activity throughout the country of $150,000 was ordered.

The increase implies a 15.61% on the current salary for December 2023 for all categories and all activities from January 1, 2024 and a 15% on January 2024 salary from February 1, 2024, with the parties committing to review said percentage based on the interannual variation January-December 2023.

The bonus is awarded as follows:

  • $150,000 for personnel with a stay equal to or greater than 6 months.
  • $75,000 for personnel with a stay of less than 6 months and more than 30 days.
  • $30,000 for personnel with a stay of less than 30 days.


The organization that leads Ricardo Pignanelli signed a bimonthly joint agreement a month ago that will be in force until January 2024. In December, workers received an increase of 11.5% and in January they will receive the last 11.5%, totaling an increase of 23% for automotive terminal workers. Now, the union will sit down to discuss not only the percentage lost through that negotiation but also the coming months.

Private security

After collecting a bonus of more than $400,000 in December, the Private Security Personal Union of the Argentine Republic (UPSRA) clarified, in the last agreement signed, that the parties negotiated that the salary adjustments for the months of January and February will be calculated based on the amount of $400,000, instead of being based on the December salary.

The calculation will be carried out using the CPI average obtained as a result of the sum of the results of October and November of the current year.


The workers of the construction They have agreed for a 38% salary increase in three tranches for the quarter from October to December, according to the agreement reached in the tenth month of the year by the Construction Workers’ Union of the Argentine Republic (UOCRA) and the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO).

In that sense, the increase to be collected in December is 11% but a non-remunerative fixed sum is added. According to the negotiation details, starting in January 2024, there will be a 15% bonus which is calculated on the same salary base and becomes part of the salaries and/or salary sheets and must be paid between the bonus (annual supplementary salary, SAC) and the vacations of the first period. Said extraordinary non-remunerative bonus will be paid under the name “SNR Acta MTEySS Fourth Quarter 2023”.

Long and medium distance workers

Long and medium distance workers and workers from the interior of the country gathered in the UTA, even without agreed parity for the first quarter of the year, they will charge a non-remunerative allowance of $60,000 for the only time that will be reflected in January 2024.


The Banking Association, that heads Sergio Palazzo, There is still no salary agreement for the first quarter, but it was agreed that all core workers will receive an initial basic salary $697,484.16 according to the agreement reached in mid-December.

Building managers

Members of the Single Union of Rental and Horizontal Building Workers (SUTERH) will receive the last 11% increase in January and the last installment of the fixed sum of $20,000.

Tourism branch trade

The tourism employees will receive a 13.5% increase in January 2024. “All percentage increases will be settled according to conventional basic scales corresponding to the month of November 2023″, says the official statement.

Sports entity workers

The workers gathered in the Union of Workers of Sports and Civil Entities (UTEDYC) They will charge an increase of 27% for January salaries – a few more points will be added to the initially negotiated 25% – and it was agreed to begin meeting for salaries again in January 2024. In this way, the basic salary, for example, for administrative category 1 it will exceed $670,000.

insurance union

He insurance union began its state of alert and permanent joint participation and requested the business chambers to meet to discuss the 2024 increases taking into account the sharp acceleration of inflation. This was stated in a statement by Jorge A. Sola, the union secretary. Currently, workers maintain the current salary scale, where for the administrative area, for 8 hours, they earn from $604,000 and the hierarchical ones, from $850,000.


The workers that are part of the Single Union of Tire Workers (SUTNA) Starting this January 2024, the automatic clauses will be activated. In this way, taking into account the inflation data measured by the INDEC, they will receive an indexed salary where all inflation will be compensated (as was already paid in December). The same will happen in the month of February pending new negotiations, but in this case 4 additional points will be added. It is worth remembering that the 2024-2025 parity begins in the month of March, ensuring at least inflation for that month. Finally, the union announced that it is on active national strike.

ANSES workers

He Union of Workers of the National Social Security Administration (SECASFPI), The Union of Civil Personnel of the Nation (UPCN), the Association of Personnel of Social Security Organizations (APOPS) and the Association of State Workers (ATE) agreed to salary increases of 9% for the month of January and it will be the last of the agreement with the previous management.


Next January, the workers of the Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM) will be paid at a higher rate than what was agreed upon in the first place: this is thanks to a trigger clause which was signed in the joint negotiations of the last quarter of the year.

The union representatives signed a 7% increase each month for the October-December quarter, however, the percentage was tied to the inflation of the period to ensure that workers do not lose due to the increase in prices.

By January, workers They will charge 12.8% to match inflation. However, for now, this will be the last increase they receive adjusted for inflation, since the agreement ended in the month of December.

It remains to wait one reopening of joint ventures and a new agreement between the parties for the beginning of 2024.


FATSA (Federation of Health Workers) agreed to a 20% increase in salaries for operators and technicians that work in manufacturing plants. This was endorsed by CILFA, CAEMe and COOPERALA.

Meat Guild

The Federation of Meat and Related Workers Unions of the Argentine Republic (FESITCARA), led by Gabriel Vallejos, signed an agreement that establishes a 15% increase in January and another 15% in February 2024.

Meanwhile, as a result of growing inflation, both parties decided that they will reopen the joint discussion in January, in accordance with the inflation numbers that INDEC will release.

Salaries: the unions that will negotiate joint agreements in January

The Public employees They have a pending matter in January: after canceling the hiring at the national level that affected more than 7,000 workers, the Government convened the Association of State Workers (ATE) to a joint negotiation on Wednesday. Those who work in public universities, workers in other areas and teachers in the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires, judiciary and health workers are some of those who await salary negotiations in “state of alert.”

But the same goes for the private workers, where the call to businessmen has already begun. Such is the case of the Insurance Union, Railway Union, teachers, commerce, metallurgists and mechanics, among others.

The majority will aim not only to recover what was lost in recent months, but also to negotiate without losing sight of the emergence of the recession that will arrive in the first period of the year. correct the impact of December after the Government’s measures.

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