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Justice agreed to lift the fair to discuss the protection of the CGT against the DNU of Javier Milei

The resolution, signed by the chambermaids María González and Alejandro Suberaresponded to the request of the CGT, signed by its general secretary Héctor Daer, which sought to hold the fair and analyze the implementation of a precautionary measure on the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU).

The case fell to the fair room of the National Chamber of Labor Appeals after the ruling of the intervening labor court in charge of Jose Ramonet which rejected the “interim” precautionary measure requested by the plaintiff.

The labor union requested in the first point of its petition that “the requested precautionary measure be decreed to suspend the application of “Title IV Labor” of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 70/2023.”

In the same resolution, Judges González and Subera transferred the file to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to issue a ruling. “This Chamber considers that, given the particularities of the case, what has been brought up for consideration merits the opening of the authorization of the requested judicial fair, which is thus resolved,” the chambermaids noted.

CGT DNU Milei (1).jpg

The general secretaries of the unions are in favor of the suspension of the DNU.


The Federal Justice of Lomas also opened a fair for an amparo against the DNU

In addition to the appeal of the CGT, the Justice, in this case of Lomas de Zamora, He also opened the judicial fair to accept a request for protection against decree 70/2023 of the Executive Branch and referred the file to the Federal Administrative Litigation Court of Judge Esteban Furnari.

He federal judge of Lomas de Zamora, Juan Pablo Augeopened the fair based on the request for protection carried out by Roberto Crespo Armengol, who had presented the appeal against Javier Milei’s decree arguing that the Executive exceeds its powers and affects various legal aspects and regulations in force when promulgating the DNU.

As detailed in his reasons by Judge Auge, “I pay attention to the reasons of urgency invoked and they are found within the causes provided for by article 153 of the CPCCN (Code of Civil and Commercial Procedure of the Nation) in the and 4th of the Regulations for the National Justice, enable the judicial fair for the current month and year.”


The Federal Justice enables the fair period to process the DNU of Javier Milei. 

The Federal Justice enables the fair period to process the DNU of Javier Milei.

San Juan: Justice also enables the fair to discuss the DNU

On the final day of 2023, it was known that San Juan would be another of the districts where the judicial fair period would be enabled to deal with another of the orders against the President’s regulations.

The document signed by Eliana Beatriz Ratta RivasChamber Judge of Oral Federal Criminal Court of San Juanit is stated that “in an exceptional manner and by virtue of the circumstances of this case, without this generating any precedent, I consider it prudent and appropriate to provide the authorization of the extraordinary judicial fair“.

On the other hand, until last Wednesday, December 27, 13 judicial protections had already been registered against him Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) of deregulation of the economy driven by the president Javier Milei, with requests for suspension until a substantive ruling is issued in relation to claims of alleged unconstitutionality of the norm. The decree came into effect last Thursday.

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