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legislative and executive headquarters evacuated

The threats come in a context in which the number of incidents related to officials increased considerably.

Bomb threats in the United States: six legislative and executive headquarters evacuated

Several bomb threats came via email, during Wednesday, to at least six legislative and executive headquarters of states in the United States, local authorities and media reported.

According to those same sources, during the police searches of the capitols, no explosives or dangerous objects were found.

The threats were in the legislatures and the governor’s offices of the states of Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Mountain.

“Although everyone is safe, the KSP (Kentucky State Police) has asked everyone to evacuate the Capitol state and is investigating a threat received by the Secretary of State’s office,” wrote the governor of that state, Andy Beshearon the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The threat in question consisted of emails sent “massively” to numerous senior officials throughout the country, reported a local media outlet cited by the AFP agency.

I placed multiple explosives inside your Capitol. The explosives are well hidden inside and They will explode in a few hours. I’ll make sure they all end up dead“said the message.

Authorities in other states confirmed that they had also been the target of threats, such as in Michigan, where the police decided that the official building would remain closed throughout the day as a precaution.

The incident occurred three days after anniversary of the assault on the Capitol of the United States by supporters of the former president donald trumpon January 6, 2021.

US authorities warned of a increasing number of incidents directed in recent months against officials and political figures.

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