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Government sent Javier Milei’s mega DNU for Congress to process

The Government sent a Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) to deregulate the economy to Congress. Now the bicameral commission, which has not yet been formed, will have ten business days to issue an opinion and send it for debate in the Deputies or the Senate.

Now comes a litmus test for the government of Javier Milei when it comes to gaining political muscle in the Congress. Starting today, the bicameral commission on Legislative Procedurewhich is not yet formed, will have 10 days to issue an opinion and send the DNU to Deputies or the Senate for debate.

It is enough for only one Chamber to pass the test of avoiding rejection for it to remain in force. And for it to be rejected, the Chamber must do so with an aggravated majority, that is, half plus one of its total members must vote against it.

Javier Milei’s DNU came into force last Friday, eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

The reforms will take effect for a minimum of two months and, within this framework, the more than 300 reforms will impact the economic, political and social reality of the country. Among these changes are modifications to the Labor legislationderegulation of tariff prices, public and private services, credit cards, rents, and consumer items, such as food and medicine.

Among the judicial presentations that were made, the Supreme Court accepted a request of the province of La Rioja to analyze the constitutionality of the DNU, but will only do so in February. While the changes in the world of work have already received a setback in Justice.

Who are the members of the Bicameral Commission confirmed so far?

Members of the Chamber of Deputies

  • Oscar Zago (Freedom Advances)
  • Lisandro Almirón (Freedom Advances)
  • Máximo Kirchner (Union for the Homeland)
  • Ramiro Gutiérrez (Union for the Homeland)
  • Hernán Lombardi (PRO)
  • Francisco Monti (UCR)
  • Nicolás Massot (Federal Exchange)

Members of the Senate

  • Juan Carlos Pagotto (Freedom Advances)
  • María Teresa González (Union for the Homeland)
  • Mariano Recalde (Union for the Homeland)
  • Anabel Fernández Sagasti (Union for the Homeland)
  • Silvia Sapag (Union for the Homeland)
  • Luis Judge (PRO)
  • Victor Zimmerman (UCR)
  • “Camau” Espínola (Federal Unit)
  • Juan Carlos Romero (Federal Exchange)


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