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new call to Deputies to debate in committees

The call was made by the president of the General Legislation Commission, Gabriel Bornoroni (Freedom Advances), who dated the meetings for the Tuesday, January 9 and Wednesday, January 10, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The participation of the committees of Budget and of Constitutional Matterswhose members may investigate ministers and officials of the Executive power regarding the details of the project.

In this way, the authorities of the commissions advance in the plan of Javier Mileiwho asked the libertarian deputies to obtain at least half a sanction from the omnibus law before January 31. However, and despite the reluctance of the President to make modifications to the original project, Their legislators assume that they will have to modify articles to reach agreements with the opposition. In that same line, Guillermo Francos held meetings with two governors: with Ignacio Torres(Chubut) for the fishing reform and with Osvaldo Jaldo(Tucumán) for the repeal of sugar regulations.

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Deputies: controversy on the first day of committees

Among the activities of the four commissions that were established, the one with the greatest tension was that of Budget and Treasury. There the opposition deputies criticized the closure of microphones (a circumstance that the legislator also suffered Vanesa Siley in the Constitutional Affairs Commission) and the definition of José Luis Espert as the main authority without resorting to voting.

In this frame, Christian Castillo called to challenge Espert’s presidency for Freedom Advances in the Commission, given that it integrates a monoblock and He threatened two of his colleagues on the bench. “I wanted to vote before he takes office impeach the Presidency. They are going to have to defend this,” the legislator of the Left Front when they cut off his microphone.

Minutes later, the deputy Bertie Benegas Lynch (Freedom Advances) took the floor and addressed the opposition, which criticized the official attitude:“Being that I come from outside of politics, what I am seeing seems somewhat unpresentable to me.”. “It is unusual.” “I would only like the deputies present here who have their lives already made up to have some empathy,” he added.

This Friday, interviewed on AM 990, the president of the commission José Luis Espert considered that the deputies of Unión por La Patria “created a hell of a quilombo” and assured that “there was someone who touched me so that everything would end badly.” However, he highlighted that “key commissions were established for the government to function” and he was optimistic about the omnibus law: “We have to talk, there is dialogue and there is progress.”

Embed – TENSION in DEPUTIES over the formation of commissions and a “GHOST VOTE”

Commissions in Deputies: authorities and name by name

Constitutional Matters (35 deputies)

It will be chaired by Nicolás Mayoraz, from La Libertad Avanza. The first vice presidency will be in the hands of Maria Eugenia Vidal (PRO) to occupy the first vice presidency, while the second vice presidency was reserved for Union for the Homeland. Karina Banfi (UCR) will be the first secretary; Union for the Homeland will have the second secretariat, Silvia Lospenatto (PRO) will go to third and Juan Manuel López (We make Federal Coalition) will occupy the fourth. It will be composed of:

  • Of Freedom AdvancesNicolás Emma, ​​Mercedes Llano, Nicolás Mayoraz, César Treffinger and Oscar Zago (5).
  • For the Pro, Sabrina Ajmechet, María Florencia De Sensi, Silvia Lospennato, Laura Rodríguez Machado and Maria Eugenia Vidal (5); the radicals Karina Banfi, Fernando Carbajal, Ana Carla Carrizo, Pablo Juliano and Alfredo Vallejos (5).
  • By We Make Federal Coalition will be Juan Fernando Brügge, Juan Manuel López and Margarita Stolbizer (3).
  • There will be 15 deputies from Unión por la Patria, namely: Ricardo Daives, Diego Giuliano, Ricardo Herrera, Mónica Litza, Juan Marino, Matías Molle, Leopoldo Moreau, Julio Moreno Ovalle, Luciana Potenza, Agustina Propato, Sabrina Selva, Vanesa Siley, Martín Soria, Eduardo Valdés and Brenda Vargas Matyi.
  • They will also be Paula Omodeo (I think) and Yamila Ruiz (Federal Innovation).

General Legislation (31 deputies)

Gabriel Bornoroni, from La Libertad Avanza, will chair the commission. In turn, the deputy was elected Carla Carrizo (UCR) for the first vice presidency, while the second vice presidency was reserved for Union for the Homeland. In the case of the secretariats, the first will be for Maria Florencia De Sensi (PRO); the second will occupy Lorena Villaverde (LLA); the third was vacant for Union for the Homeland; and the fourth for Augustine Domingo (Federal Innovation).

It will be composed like this:

  • Freedom Advances (5): Beltrán Benedit, Gabriel Bornoroni, Gerardo Huesen, María Cecilia Ibáñez and Lorena Villaverde.
  • Pro (5): Damián Arabia, María Florencia De Sensi, Martín Maquieyra, María Sotolano and María Eugenia Vidal.
  • UCR (4): Martín Arjol, Carla Carrizo, Soledad Carrizo and Natalia Sarapura.
  • We make Federal Coalition (3): Oscar Agost Carreño, Monica Fein and Maximiliano Ferraro.
  • Union for the Homeland (12): Eugenia Alianiello, Constanza Alonso, Daniel Arroyo, Ana Fabiola Aubone, Tomás Ledesma, Varinia Lis Marín, Sebastián Nóblega, Gabriela Pedrali, Nancy Sand, Eduardo Toniolli, Carolina Yutrovic and Natalia Zaracho.
  • Together We Are Río Negro: Agustín Domingo.
  • The Mendoza Union: Alvaro Martínez.

Foreign Relations and Worship (43 deputies)

It will be chaired by Fernando Iglesias, from the PRO. The first vice presidency was left vacant, which corresponds to Union for the Homelandand the deputy was elected Juliana Santillan (La Libertad Avanza), as second vice president. Regarding the secretariats, the first was reserved (Radical Civic Union); the second, Margarita Stolbizer (We make Federal Coalition); the third was also reserved (Union for the Homeland); and the fourth for Nadia Marquez (Freedom Advances). It will have this configuration:

  • Freedom Advances (8): Alberto Arancibia Rodríguez, Jorge Araujo Hernández, Nadia Márquez, María Cecilia Ibáñez, Santiago Pauli, María Celeste Ponce, Juliana Santillán Juárez Brahim and Santiago Santurio.
  • Pro (6): Damián Arabia, Daiana Fernández Molero, Fernando Iglesias, Hernán Lombardi, Gerardo Milman and Hector Stefani.
  • UCR (6): Karina Banfi, Gabriela Brouwer de Koning, Mariano Campero, Pablo Cervi, Julio Cobos and Facundo Manes.
  • We make Federal Coalition (4): Marcela Campagnoli, Ricardo López Murphy, Margarita Stolbizer and Alejandra Torres.
  • Union for the Homeland (18): Hilda Aguirre, Luis Basterra, Rocío Bonacci, Santiago Cafiero, Florencia Carignano, Leila Chaher, Jorge Chica, José Glinski, José Gómez, Aldo Leiva, Roxana Monzón, Micaela Morán, Liliana Paponet, Lorena Pokoik, Leandro Santoro, Guillermo Snopek, Pablo Yedlin and Natalia Zabala Chacur.
  • Federal Innovation: Carlos Fernandez.

Budget and Treasury (49 deputies)

It will be chaired by José Luis Espert. The first vice presidency corresponds to Union for the Homeland but it was left in reserve. The deputy Germana Figueroa Casas (PRO) will occupy the second vice presidency. The secretaries will be Bertie Benegas Lynch (Freedom Advances), Lisandro Nieri (UCR), Ignacio García Aresca (We make Federal Coalition) and Pamela Calletti (Federal Innovation). It will also have these members:

  • Freedom Advances (7): Bertie Benegas Lynch, Facundo Correa Llano, Lilia Lemoine, Eduardo Falcone, María Celeste Ponce, Oscar Zago and Carlos Zapata.
  • Pro (7): Martín Ardohain, Daiana Fernández Molero, Germana Figueroa Casas, Luciano Laspina, Marilú Quiroz, Laura Rodríguez Machado and Diego Santilli.
  • UCR (7): Atilio Benedetti, Mariela Coletta, Pedro Galimberti, Lisandro Nieri, Jorge Rizzotti, Roberto Sánchez and Martin Tetaz.
  • We make Federal Coalition (3): Ignacio García Aresca, Nicolás Massot and Paula Oliveto Lago.
  • UP (20): Gustavo Bordet, Sergio Casas, Carlos Castagneto, Agustín Fernández, Silvana Ginocchio, Itai Hagman, Carlos Heller, Bernardo Herrera, Ana María Ianni, Rogelio Iparraguirre, Roberto Mirabella, Blanca Osuna, Sergio Palazzo, María Graciela Parola, Marcela Passo, Juan Manuel Pedrini , Ariel Rauschenberger, Jorge Romero, Julia Strada and Victoria Tolosa Paz.
  • Freedom Advances: José Luis Espert,
  • Federal Innovation (2): Pamela Calletti and Carlos Fernandez.
  • FIT-Unit: Christian Castillo.
  • Production and Work: Nancy Picón Martínez.

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