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The blue dollar rose again, but was the cheapest compared to the MEP and CCL

He Dolar blue increase $5 this Friday, January 5 and closed at $975 for buying and $1,025 for sellingaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

This way, scored his second consecutive advance after going up $20 on Thursday, but It closed the first week of the year without variations, given that last Friday it had ended at $1,025.

Meanwhile, the gap with the official dollar was located in 26.2%. To the closing of 2023the gap had arrived at 26.8%the second highest since the devaluation driven by Luis Caputo, implemented on December 13, when it marked 33.8%.

The exchange calm in the informal dollar market contrasted with the escalation recorded in financial exchange rates in the first week of 2024. The MEP has climbed more than 11% so far this month to $1,104.93 while the CCL jumped nearly 18% to $1,143.99, to set new nominal records.

Indeed, blue closed $80 below the MEP, and $119 less than the CCL.

How much does the blue dollar rise in 2024

He blue dollar does not register variations in 2024, after ending last year at $1,025.

He informal closed 2023 with a rise of $679 (+196.2%)under of inflation that, according to private estimates, will exceed 200%. In the month of Decemberthe parallel dollar rose 7.3%.

How much does the official dollar trade at today, Friday, January 5

He wholesale dollar increased 50 cents to $812.20.

How much is the MEP dollar sold for today, Friday, January 5

He MEP dollar increased $54.50 (+5.2%) until the $1,104.93. In this way, this type of change marked a gap of the 36% with the officer.

Value of the CCL dollar today, Friday, January 5

He dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL) climbed $55.77 (+6.1%) until the $1,144.76. Thus, the spread with the official exchange rate it was located at 41%.

Price of the dollar card today, Friday, January 5

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (or supportive) closed to $1,331.20.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Friday, January 5

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,076, according to Bitso.

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