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They fenced off the entire entrance to the Libertad Hotel for a protest against Javier Milei

The president has been staying in that place for more than two months. This weekend he will move to Quinta de Olivos. The demonstration will also take place at the Ministry of Human Capital.

The Libertador hotel where the president stays, Javier Milei, appeared this morning completely fenced waiting for a protest by the social organization Somos Barrios de Pie for “the lack of food in community kitchens.”

The protesters plan to go to the hotel at 10 a.m. – located at 690 Córdoba Avenue in the City of Buenos Aires – after carrying out “a new round of empty pots” in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Human Capital, and they do not rule out also go to the Quinta de Olivos and “to the officials’ houses”, according to sources from the organization.

The call seeks to make visible “the lack of food in community kitchens due to the responsibility of the Ministry of Human Capital.”

“Symbolic rounds were already held at the doors of said ministry at the end of last year, with the aim of denouncing the abrupt growth of the population in the country’s popular neighborhoods, which today is not being able to guarantee food for its homes,” they remarked in a statement.

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