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Javier Milei arrived in Antarctica on his first official trip outside of Buenos Aires

With a duration of three hours approximately, the flight departed this Saturday at 9:10 to the Marambio Joint Antarctic Base and landed at 12:13. When coming down from TC-66 Herculesas he President and the accompanying delegation were received by the authorities: Station Chief and Vice Commodore, Damian Ariel Rizzo; the Scientific Chief of the First Stage of the Antarctic Summer Campaign, Sergio Santillana; and the official of the National Meteorological Service in Marambio, Noemí Troche.

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Office of the President Javier Milei

On Friday afternoon, the president took flight towards the Patagoniawhere he spent the night in the Santa Cruz city of Rio gallegos. As reported by the Office of the President, Milei arrived in a military airplane with his entourage Piloto Civil Norberto Fernández International Airport (RGL) at twenty and was received by the governor of Santa Cruz, Claudio Vidalwho gave him a plaque with the shield of the province.

The head of state traveled accompanied by the minister of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship, Diana Mondino; the Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi; and his peers Defending, Luis Petri; and of Inside, Guillermo Francos; The general secretary of the Presidency will also be part of the delegation, Karina Milei.

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Office of the President Javier Milei

Milei in Antarctica: presidential itinerary

The itinerary includes a visit to the Base Marambiowhere he will hold a meeting with the scientific and operational staff of the place, and will also give a speech from which he will formally begin the First Scientific Research Expedition of the International Atomic Energy Agency on the Antarctic continent.

From there you will travel by helicopter for about 25 minutes to the Hope Basethe only base where the crew lives with their families, including children who attend the school built there.

The visit to the Argentine base was defined after receiving in Pink House to Rafael Grossidirector of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)of United Nations. The objective of IAEA is to maintain the order between nuclear interests of the different countries that are based in the Antarctica.

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Office of the President Javier Milei

What does the cooperation agreement between Argentina and the IAEA consist of?

The implementation of the agreement is coordinated by the Argentine Antarctic Program through the National Antarctic Directorate (DNA)that depends of Chancelleryand according to Antarctic Treaty System.

“Through this program, Argentina will begin a new chapter in its long and distinguished career in Antarctic science. Through agreements of International cooperation We seek to enhance our capabilities to be able to provide quality scientific information for decision making within the framework of Antarctic Treaty“said the president.

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Office of the President Javier Milei

Activities include the organization of expert missions and training for the taking and analysis of samples, in addition to logistical support to facilitate the access of scientific personnel to the Antarcticaincluding publications and the better practices in the field of cooperation.

The initiative NUTEC Plastics is a program for the study of marine plastic pollution that covers almost all the seas of the world, except the antarctic. Through this agreement, our country will extend this program to White Continent.

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Office of the President Javier Milei

In charge of Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA) and in international cooperation with the NUCLEAR APPLICATION MARINE LABORATORY (NAML) of the IAEAthe project “Microplastics in the Antarctic Environment: Implementation of the Nutec Plastics Initiative” was approved by the Chancellery and included in the Antarctic Annual Plan 2023-2024.

In this sense, the President maintained that “the exercise of sciencethe cooperation and the preservation of the Antarctic environment are priority axes of our Antarctic foreign policy“, and added that, in this way, “Argentina is renewing its commitment to the international community, making its contribution to our common good and that of future generations.”

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Javier Milei met with the governor of Santa Cruz

During the night that Javier Milei remained in Rio gallegoshad a meeting with Claudio Vidalgovernor of Santa Cruz. This was reported by the social media account “Office of the President Javier Milei“, who also noted that the Patagonian president “gave him a plaque with the shield of the province.”

It was the first bilateral meeting of the president with a governor after the summit held on December 19 with all provincial leaders. For its part, Vidal was one of the five governors of the Patagonia who raised their voices to ask for reforms in the original project of the omnibus lawwhich affected the national fishing industry.

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He also participated in the meeting Guillermo Francoswho highlighted that Vidal “carries out a fiscal responsibility program similar to that of the Nation.” “We talked about the provincial problems and in particular the serious problems of education, where children barely attend 70 days of class per year,” he added on the X social network.

The IAEA program

According to reports, after touring the base, the president will return to Marambio to lead the event that will formally begin a pollution control program promoted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) led by Argentine Rafael Grossi, who will join the ceremony.

In radio statements, Grossi explained that The objective of the program is “the identification of the amount of microplastics or nanoplastics in the water” of the place.

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“One of the big environmental problems is plastic pollution and research was never done in Antarctica” Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“One of the great environmental problems in the world is plastic pollution and research was never done in Antarctica. I had the initiative a few years ago to propose to Argentina to join forces to carry out a scientific mission,” he said.

Grossi met this week with President Milei: “I told him about this scientific research, showed interest and decided to join us“he added.

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