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Who is he and how did he become world trading champion?

No wonder, it is a unique event and marks a milestone in the history of trading in the region. And Scherman won a contest in which more than 5,000 qualified experts of all the world. What is evaluated in this competition is the potential of the participants and their ability to forecast prices, trading techniques and risk management.

The champion spoke with Ambit about this triumph, its history and its expectations for the markets in 2024, which it anticipates, “will be very good for our portfolios.”

Who is Iván Scherman

Born and raised in Argentina in a middle-class family, Scherman, 46, He finished his degree in our country, went to study in the United States and there he began to take off.

First, it gained some recognition for its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop investments. “Today we talk about AI applied to trading as a novelty, but for us it is not,” he says. Iván is a pioneer in this type of technology applied to investments.

Later, he stood out for being the ideologist of one of the most profitable portfolios in the world and leads an investment fund with a very good reputation and development in the world: Emerge Funds.

Scherman consolidated very solid portfolios, which obtained a average return of 491% per year last year. That earned him the title of 2023 Futures Trading world champion that he celebrated a few days ago.

And, on the other hand, at the head of his fund, he managed to ensure that the profitability of the flagship fund in 2023 was greater than 40% (net of profit for clients) and from the beginning (2007-2023) that index was, on an annual average , 23% net for clients.


Iván Scherman told Ámbito what his vision of the markets is like and what he expects for 2024.

In 2023, they opened their own subsidiaries in Dubai for the firm’s Middle East hub and in São Paulo.. And also this year they closed distribution agreements in the United States and Argentina with locally registered agents.

Previously, in 2018 and 2019, Australia and Bolivia had opened. But they also have representation in different countries, such as the United Kingdom, Mexico and Chile.

The key to your success

Scherman holds the title of Chartered Market Technician (CMT), one of the highest levels of technical analysis that can be achieved in the United States. And he complements it with the use of AI in his investment portfolios.

AI is a tool that, applied to technical analysis, helps find different patterns of behavior in asset prices. Likewise, it is not that it leaves humans out of any decision, but rather that they intervene to pose the hypotheses, design study samples and program the algorithms, as well as when analyzing the results obtained.

Your investment fund is managed with artificial intelligence (AI) based on mathematical calculations sophisticated and the tools it uses can scan around 12,000 assets in real time. “We have been operating 100% robotically for years,” he says.

The vision of the markets in LATAM

Everyone wants to know what the world champion trader’s market vision is. What does the first Latin American to win this title think about the evolution of investments in the region?

Scherman has a positive view of the development of the investment market. He believes that what is currently happening in LATAM with savers and investors “is very positive” and defines it as “a cultural phenomenonin a region where financial education was never promoted and is essential to defend against economic phenomena that affect the full development of the potential of each person and family.”

In this sense, it highlights that “The younger generations are leading a change for the better, seeking to become financially educated and have greater sophistication than the traditional one when investing their savings.“In his opinion, that is key in a globalized world and with the macroeconomy so damaged and fragile. “It can be vital for a financially healthy future,” he says.

Outlook and recommendations for this year

Regarding 2024, Scherman anticipates that, from Emerge Funds, they observe that “there is a very good year ahead in our portfolios.” But they warn that, “for those who do variable income, This can be a very difficult year until Octoberwith high volatility and sudden movements, which our trading method may contain to protect clients’ assets“and even, as has happened in the past, generate profits for them.

In this context, for those who want to start down the path of investments, he points out that “the The most basic advice for young investors is: to approach the capital market, but with a lot of respect, and always with professional, expert and honest help.“.

In that sense, he who anyone would say knows it all, recommends never making the mistake of thinking like this. “You should never believe that you know everything or that someone has the recipe to always win. That doesn’t exist,” he advises.

And, on the other hand, also choose drive away the ghosts of the millionaire trader that are often created in the heads of young people. “You should never think that investing is to get rich in a short timebut they must look at the long term to grow little by little, but steadily”, concludes the world champion of futures trading 2023 in dialogue with Ambit.

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