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deputies with Sergio Massa presented a bill for monotributistas

Through a bill, deputies from the Frente Renovador proposed tax relief for monotributistas by updating the maximum parameters of the simplified regime for small taxpayers.

Through a bill, Deputies of the Renewal Front lead by Sergio Massa they propose a tax relief for monotributistas by updating the maximum parameters of the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers. This is a measure that he tried to carry out Sergio Massa while he was minister.

The project that will enter the Chamber of Deputies on Monday He is accompanied by Gustavo Bordet, (Entre Ríos), Guillermo Snopek, (Jujuy), Ricardo Herrera, (La Rioja), Ana Fabiola Aubone, (San Juan), Jorge Chica (San Juan), Liliana Paponet, (Mendoza), Eugenia Alianello, (Chubut), Gabriela Pedrali, (La Rioja), Tanya Bertoldi, (Neuquén), Julio Pereyra, (Buenos Aires), Varinia Marín, (La Pampa), Natalia Zabala Chacur, (San Luis), Mónica Litza, ( Buenos Aires), Cecilia Moreau, (Buenos Aires), Ramiro Gutiérrez, (Buenos Aires), Micaela Morán, (Buenos Aires), Sabrina Selva, (Buenos Aires), Daniel Arroyo, (Buenos Aires), Diego Giuliano, (Santa Fe ), Marcela Passo, (Buenos Aires).

They consider that the last update was insufficient considering the devaluation suffered by the currency and that this will cause many to be excluded or have to recategorize and pay more, not to sell more but toto rise in prices.

Along these lines, the project, with regard to the Simplified “Monotax” Regime, updates the scales with effect from January 1 of this year – by 67%, on average – and establishes the amounts in values ​​equivalent to Minimum Living and Mobile Wages, today at $ 156 thousand per month. This for the purposes of having a parameter linked to the monthly income of formal workers.

In this way, and if the bill is approved, the maximum billing amounts They will be updated following the following scheme (without modifying the Monotax fee):


“Simple regime”: what the proposal that was promoted in the campaign is about

He SIMPLE Regime constitutes an option for the fulfillment of certain tax obligations and social security resources, in a simplified and alternative way, and that allows for a “bridge” for the jump from Monotributo to General VAT Regime.

In all cases, the only requirements that must be met for the aforementioned accession to the SIMPLE Regime are that the income invoiced in the last TWELVE (12) months are less than or equal to the amount equivalent to THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY (360) times the Minimum salary, vital and movil.

Through this measure, taxpayers may replace, integrating them into a single payment – which will be determined based on the gross billed revenue for the activities included and will be paid monthly (a % of the billing) -, your obligations in respect of Tax on Profits and Value Added Tax and those corresponding to personal contributions to the Single Social Security System.


The SIMPLE Regime constitutes an option for compliance with certain tax obligations.

The SIMPLE Regime constitutes an option for compliance with certain tax obligations.

Tax relief: what benefit it would bring for SMEs

For their part, the members of micro and small businesses not sole proprietorships attached tol SIMPLE Regime will replace the obligation to enter your personal contributionsin the case in which they correspond, individually entering an additional sum to that detailed in the previous paragraph.

Likewise, the possibility is incorporated, in order to promote the generation and strengthening of employmentthat micro or small companies can hire more personnel, without this meaning a failure to adhere or remain in the SIMPLE Regime, when they do so within the framework of a Work promotion program.

The project facilitates, through a simplified mechanism, the possibility that the subjects reached by this measure, given the scope of their activity, can comply with their obligations and that, in the event that they must modify their framework (moving to the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers or the general Regime) , do so through rules that are easy to apply and without implying a negative impact on their economy.

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