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Bonds in dollars fell sharply and country risk exceeded 2,000 points; CER titles also sank

In it local marketthe dollar securities They fell hard. Those who gave up the most were Bonar 2041 (-3.5%), Global 2041 (-2.7%), the Bonar 2030 (-23%), Global 2029 (-2.1%) and the Bonar 2029 (-2%). No one made a profit.

Consequently, the risk country rose 2.5%, or 49 units, to 2,046 pointsas measured by JP Morganafter fell 0.9% on Friday.

“On the one hand, the rise in the rate of 10-year US bonds had an impact, which from 3.7% now reached 4%. This generated a profit taking in all fixed income assets in the world (it came from 5 % last October). And on the other hand, when there is demand for the CCL dollar, dollar parities usually suffer due to an increase in supply to obtain dollars,” explained to Ambitthe Head of Research of Cohen Financial Allies, Juan José Vázquez.

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Bonds in pesos: how they closed this Monday, January 8

He CER segment, For their part, the titles in pesos they sank up to 8.9%. The casualties were led by the TX28followed by TX26 (-8.4%) and the PR13 (-7.3%). The only ones who went up were PAP0 (+3.6%) and the CUAP (+2.8%).

“Bonds with CER adjusted positions, after the inflation data from CABA, which marked 21.1% monthly in December,” noted the economist Diego Martínez Burzaco, from Inviu.

Meanwhile, the dollar linked closed mixed. He T2V4 fell a 0.3%Meanwhile he TV24 went up a 0.2%.

Bonds continue poor performance: in what context?

Bonds in dollars and pesos showed a round of sharp falls amid negotiations between the Fund’s mission led by Luis Cubeddu and Ashvin Ahuja and the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputoand the Chief of Staff, Nicolas Posse, with the idea of ​​reviving the agreement and unlocking US$3.6 billion from the hit reserves.

The administration of Javier Milei It does not seek to conclude another agreement different from the current one with the credit organization nor does it intend to obtain additional money, stated the presidential spokesperson. Manuel Adorni.

These days, the Government will have to face debt maturity with the IMF itself, when December inflation will also have to be reported, which is expected to be the highest in almost 33 years.

The country must face the cancellation of debt with the IMF for US$1,915 million in January, US$763 million in February and US$1,915 million in April, which totals about US$4,592 million in the first section of the year.

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