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Nation cut payments to providers and does not deliver funds to the provinces

Although payments were generally made with delays, there was a continuous flow. But since he assumed the administration of Libertad Avanza, lThe provinces warn that the Nation has interrupted disbursements for the benefits that it contracts directly but that are administered by the jurisdictions.

The services that are at risk are numerous and essential: low and high cost medications; transfers; dialysis; oxygen; therapeutic companions; home caregivers; home nursing; diapers and treatments for hemophilia. There are almost half a million people affected throughout the country, of which 270 thousand are in the Province of Buenos Aires. In addition, there are 15 thousand applications for registration in the Program that are stopped and without a response to the complaints.

Cuts in disability

The plan Federal Include Health It is a National State program that depends on the National Disability Agency. It is designed for financial assistance to the provinces that join, which administer the funds through the Provincial Management Units (UGP).

This way, Each jurisdiction provides health services to affiliated people through the public network of providers and guarantees that all holders of the Non-Contributory Pension (PNC) with disabilities can access quality care, regardless of where they live.

Currently, all the provinces are attached to Include. This is a scheme that was designed for economic strengthening through specific financing of the health network of each province, which until the end of last year had been operating with difficulties, but without interruptions.

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The mechanism consists of sending a monthly capitation by agreement, which allows the health system of each jurisdiction to carry out the detailed benefits.

In addition, it assists the personnel required for administrative and audit attention. What is known as the PACBI is reserved for them: high cost and low incidence pathologies. These include prosthetic services; home confinement; also transportation; day centers; homes for patients with mental health and other disabilities.

The path that families must follow to receive assistance begins in each province. There they must process the benefits they need, but then the files are referred for registration and compliance to the National Government. Payments are made within ninety days andAccording to Ámbito, sources from the new authorities of the National Disability Agency informed Ámbito.the last disbursement of the capita was made between December 7 and 11 to 21 provinces, corresponding to the month of October.

According to them, they are within the deadlines for the capitation payment. At the same time, they recognized delays in medication coverage.

However, the provinces agree that what the Milei administration cut are the benefit payments that the Agency makes directly, but that are controlled by each governorate. Between them, transportation, day centers, hospitalizations and high-cost medications. It is this second financing channel that has been affected for a month and with which ninety percent of the beneficiaries are assisted.


This affects some 500 thousand people throughout the country who were already enrolled in the Program. But also, at this time The affiliation process is stopped for 11,190 people who requested to register when Include and have no response. In 2023, 38,118 were requested and processed and 26,929 registrations were carried out.

Meanwhile, the situation at PACBI is even worse. There are some 3 thousand unfulfilled high-cost medication orders; vacancies in homes and day centers that have been frozen since last year, so no person who needs can enter any of the agreements and there are no new agreements or places for those who need them.

Regarding the transportation of people with disabilities (essential for their lives, since without it they cannot access health, education, therapeutic, rehabilitation, etc. benefits), the value of the kilometer has not been updated since September of last year and That was the last payment that the transporters received. With high levels of inflation and the cutting of the payment chain, the service began to paralyze and is in danger throughout the country.

Given this situation, if the Ministries of Health of each province do not assume the population of the Incluir Program under their orbits, these they could be left without coverage. But the governorates warn that they cannot take charge of 100% of the benefits, nor of the debt accumulated with lenders.

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Courtesy C5N.

Only in the Province of Buenos Aires, where more than half of the beneficiaries are located, As reported to Ámbito by the Buenos Aires health portfolio, the current debt that the Nation maintains with its providers amounts to approximately 710 million pesos..

The scenario is repeated throughout the country. From the health authorities of Jump They also assure that payments are cut off and they have about 50 thousand affiliates affected. Given the serious situation, in which cases in which people are at risk of life, the province is taking charge of the benefits. Also in response to this newspaper’s query, the government of Catamarca, for example, states that payments have been cut off for a month. There are 5 thousand people affected in that province.

On the contrary, in from CABA informed Ámbito that they still have no delays in payments.

Given this situation and the lack of answers,

The families do not rule out the path of judicialization. The different disability associations warn that they could promote protections to force the National State to comply with payments.

At the same time, the associations that bring together the providers hope to meet with the new authorities of the National Disability Agency (who just took office this week) and await with expectation the details of the policy and financing that the new government will allocate for one of the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

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