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Argentine shares rise up to 5% on Wall Street following the announcement of an agreement with the IMF

The S&P Merval advanced 0.9%, after sinking 4% in the previous round and most of the shares of the leading panel ended up.


The Argentine stocks that operate in Wall Street fall up to 5% this Wednesday, January 10. For his part, the S&P Merval bounced after registering a strong fall on the previous wheel. This happened within the framework of a day in which the Government announced that it had reached a agree with him IMF.

In that context, the S&P Merval advances 0.9%until the 1,070,425.29 points. The stock index came from sink 4% in the previous wheel.

Most of the leading panel actions ended in rise. Those that rose the most were those of Silver Commercial Society (+10%), Stock Bank (+8.6%) and Supervielle Group (+3.7%). On the other hand, among the few that fell, those that marked the greatest losses were those of Telecom (-1.4%), YPF (-0.8%) and Northern Gas Carrier (-0.7%).

ADRs on Wall Street

For their part, the Argentine shares on Wall Street operate with most risesin a volatile wheel in which They started off and turned around. Among them, those that mark further progress are those of Edenor (+5.4%), Supervielle Group (+4.1%) and Cresud (+3.7%). While the only ones that give in are those of Take off (-2%) and YPF (-0.2%).

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