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dollar bonds fly up to 11% and country risk pierces 2,000 points

Sovereign bonds soar after knowing an advance according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


A Presidency source confirmed that the Government will later announce an understanding with the IMFof which details are being finalized along with a mission of the organization based on a $44 billion credit program.

Once the news was known, the dollar securities recorded strong and widespread increases in the Buenos Aires stock market: those who they go up are the Bonar 2041 (+11.1%), Global 2038 (+5.7%), and the Global 2038 (+4.8%). While, the only one who gives in is he Global 2046 (-0.9%).

In that framework, the risk country yields 4.2%or 88 units, up to 1,994 pointsas measured by JP Morgan. In this way, write down your biggest daily drop in seven weeksfrom November 24, 2023.

Bonds in pesos: how they operate this Wednesday, January 10

In it CER segmentfor their part, the titles operate disparate. Those that rise the most are TX28 (+8.5%), the TX26 (+8.1%) and the PARP (+6%). Meanwhile, those who fall the most are PR13 (-5.6%), the PAP0 (-1.4%) and the CUAP (-1.3%).

Meanwhile, the dollar linked keep bullish trend. He T2V4 goes up 1.2% and the TV24 keep it up 0.8%.

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