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governors press against the clock to modify more articles

Everyone serves their game. As the old nursery rhyme said, governors sharpen their pencils in the midst of a turbulent political hour.. Attentive to the movements of the libertarian administration, Provincial leaders make pilgrimages in groups or via delegates to the Casa Rosada to manifest to the omnipresent Guillermo Francos their objections regarding the two topics that dominate the national time: the mega Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) and the project omnibus law.

“They bring us for the photo”, “the President did not tell us anything” and “letters attached to the body” These are some of the comments that acidly slip from the orbit of the provincial leaders. Already irritated by certain management practices Javier Mileisuch as the lack of communicating vessels, the repeated contempt for Congress and the slowness to reverse the modifications to the Income Taxthe leaders balance between the promise of providing governability and the urgency of supporting the ailing provincial coffers.

Days ago, the rebellion of the Patagonians led by the Chubut native Ignacio “Nacho” Torresof Together for Change (JxC), It marked a gap with respect to Javier Milei’s “all or nothing” plan.

That scrum of the six southerners ended up twisting the arm of the Government, which agreed – always via Francos – to introduce changes in the fishing chapter of the “omnibus law.” In addition to the judicial front, where the rain of precautionary measures is beginning to take its toll on the courts, that was one of the first political surrenders of the La Libertad Avanza (LLA) administration.


For the provinces, the attack on fishing meant a beam of light for the upcoming negotiations for regional economies. The Tucuman knows it well Osvaldo Jaldowhat with support of industrialists and sugar workers brought complaints against the deregulation of the sector to the Casa Rosada.

Similar situation with Santa Fe. On Monday the lieutenant governor Gisela Scaglia and the head of Productive Development, Gustavo Puccinipresented their claims for biofuels to the Minister of the Interior.

Both took away the official’s commitment to review the situation. “He listens but from there he has influence,” They comment with discouragement from a PJ jurisdiction.

On the Peronist front, Axel Kicillof and the Riojan Ricardo Quintela emerge as the uncompromising voices. Both leaders are willing to carry out a program antagonistic to Milei’s and do not miss the opportunity to contrast models.

Given the obvious wear and tear that such arm wrestling entails, The man from Buenos Aires preferred to delegate the task to some of his officials. This week, for example, it was the turn of the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services of the Province, Gabriel Katopodis, who raised his voice to demonstrate against the increases in gas rates.

Guillermo Francos with Raúl Jalil.jpeg

Raúl Jalil and Guillermo Francos, in the Casa Rosada.

Less bellicose, the Catamarcan Raul Jalil visited the Pink House on Monday and, also together with Guillermo Francosvalued the “positive impact” that the bill “Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines” will have on investments in the province.

“I met with the governor of Catamarca, Raul Jalil, with whom we talked about the investments in mining and lithium being developed in his province, which exceed USD 5 billion and are projected at USD 10 billion,” wrote the national official on his social network account X, exTwitter. Despite the good harmony, Jalil took advantage of the invitation to reiterate to the minister the claim for Profits.


On the other side of the sand, JxC governors rehearse unity movements. This Monday, in a stealthy manner, the yellow leaders shared a Meet to analyze the situation in the country.

The 9 leaders of the coalition and the head of the Buenos Aires Government were present, Jorge Macri. Although there were no major definitions, the virtual conclave ended with a declaration of solidarity with Pullaro, who had to “move” his Rosario family after receiving new threats from the underworld.

“Mostly they are there to support and raise some issues,” they highlight around the Cambiomita core as the cornerstone of the brand new league, which dominates almost half of the districts.


League: the governors of Together for Change.

League: the governors of Together for Change.

Following that premise to the letter, the man from Entre Ríos Rogelio Frigerio He marked dissidence with the Government and called for “not turning Congress into a notary office.”

“Regardless of the fact that I share the orientation of the law and the DNU in terms of regulations, in terms of the imperative need to achieve balance in public accounts, Congress is an area for discussion, and that debate has to take place,” the president stated. He at the same time specified that he will present “suggestions for what to do.”

In this regard, the former Minister of the Interior of Mauricio Macri added that he will seek to “defend to the death” the regional economies, because “they have a clear impact on the generation of wealth and employment, and because they promote the roots of people in the place where they live.” ”.

This Thursday, meanwhile, there will be movements in Patagonia. Rolando Figueroa from Neuquén will host a regional summit attended by his peers Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz); Gustavo Melella (Tierra del Fuego); Ignacio Torres (Chubut); Sergio Ziliotto (La Pampa); and Alberto Weretilneck (Río Negro). The baptism of fire of the block in the fishing bid with the Nation was positive.

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