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The Government expressed solidarity with Ecuador in the face of acts of violence

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, expressed the “solidarity” of the Government with Ecuador “due to the acts of violence” that occurred in the last hours in that country.

In his usual press conference, the official who Chancellery put “all resources” at the disposal of Ecuador.

Along the same lines, Adorni stated today that the Government ensures that the armed forces “carry out support tasks” for the security forces “in the fight against drug trafficking” in the Santa Fe city of rosary beads.

In his usual press conference in Pink HouseAdorni assured that the homicide rate that occurred in 2023 in Rosario is 22 per 100,000 inhabitants, “half that registered in Ecuador”, where drug trafficking groups attacked civilians on Tuesday in the streets, prisons, universities and a television channel, an action that caused the death of 10 people.

In another part of his conference, the spokesperson assured that it is “false” that there is an “internal relationship” between President Javier Milei and Vice President Victoria Villarruel, and maintained, on the contrary, that the Government team “is united.”

“It’s all absolutely false and it’s the responsibility of whoever spreads the news,” Adorni said.

Several countries take security measures in the face of the wave of violence in Ecuador

There are already several countries that reinforced their security after the acts of violence that occurred in Ecuador with a provisional result of 10 deaths.

Peru declared an emergency along its 1,400 kilometer border with Ecuador and reinforced surveillance both on the edges and in the provinces of Amazonas, Cajamarca, Loreto, Piura and Tumbes, Prime Minister Alberto Otárola reported last night in statements to journalists. .

The last two were already in emergency since last November due to the increase in insecurity on the border.

The Ministers of Defense, Jorge Chávez, and of the Interior, Víctor Torres, will travel today to the border city of Tumbes to coordinate the actions to follow.

In Europe and Asia There were also expressions of concern that, in addition to offering messages of solidarity, called on its citizens to take precautionary measures.

“We follow with logical concern the events that are taking place in recent days in that country, which we support as it could not be otherwise,” said the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, at an event with Spanish ambassadors in Madrid.

FranceFor its part, it recommended that its citizens who want to travel to Ecuador delay their plans, reported the AFP news agency.

“Under these circumstances, French citizens planning to travel to Ecuador in the coming days are advised to postpone their plans as far as possible,” French diplomacy advised yesterday on its website.

ChinaFor its part, it suspended public service at its embassy in Quito and its consulate in Guayaquil, after expressing its solidarity with the Government.

Both diplomatic headquarters “will temporarily suspend service to the public as of January 10,” the embassy said in a message posted on the WeChat social network.

The Chinese authorities “closely follow the changing security situation” in Ecuador, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said today.

Mao also noted that China “supports the Government of Ecuador in its efforts to safeguard social stability and hopes that Ecuador will soon restore normal order.”

The security crisis in Ecuador worsened to unprecedented levels since the escape from prison on Sunday of Adolfo Macías, alias Fito, the head of Los Choneros, the country’s main criminal gang.

Since then there have been kidnappings and attacks on police officers, prison riots and an armed raid on a television broadcast after which President Daniel Noboa declared an “internal armed conflict.”

The violence has left at least ten dead, including two officers, according to police.

Noboa also ordered the armed forces to “execute military operations (…) to neutralize” about twenty criminal groups whom he called “terrorist organizations and belligerent non-state actors.”

Located in the middle of Colombia and Peru, the world’s largest cocaine producers, Ecuador went from being an island of peace to a drug war fort.

2023 closed with more than 7,800 homicides and 220 tons of drugs seized, new records in the nation of 17 million inhabitants.

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