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0km increased 208% in 2023 (less than inflation and dollar)

The drop in car sales recorded in recent days respond to the price increase that the 0km had In recent months, the expectation for the removal of “luxury” tax for a segment of vehicles.

The tax issue is awaiting the publication of the regulatory decree and many consumers are awaiting tax change in the hope of an improvement in car values. Throughout 2023, the loss of purchasing power was felt in demand.

In any case, an internal report carried out today (after knowing the increase in the cost of living for December released by INDEC) by the association that brings together 0km concessionaires (ACARA) shows that car prices, based on official lists, increased less than the inflation and the increase of the dollar.

Known the index rise of 25.5%the work prepared by SIOMAA, the entity’s statistical department, shows that 0km increased by 208.6% throughout 2023while the accumulated inflation in that period was 211.4%

Meanwhile, in the last 12 months, The official dollar rose 271.3%.

Until Novemberthe 0km had been rising more than the exchange ratebut the devaluation after the assumption of Javier Milei changed the panorama.

According to data from the private organization, in December the Automotive Sector Price Index rose 32%, on average, while The dollar adjusted by 81.4%. That caused the exchange rate to end up above the rise in cars.

It must be taken into account that, last December, the automakers had two price lists: one at the beginning of the month and the other after the devaluation. In total, some models rose more than 50%, but the study takes the average market value.

In addition, it is based on prices from official lists and does not take into account the premiums paid for some models. In any case, with the drop in sales in recent days, the market is beginning to show that discounts driven by factories are beginning to appear with the aim of improve patenting, which is 40% lower than a year ago.

That’s why he The real value of 0km arises today from a negotiation between sellers and buyers. Discriminated by segments, the report TO FACE shows that, in December, the range of small cars increased the most with a jump of 37.9%. Light commercial vehicles (without pickups) were in a second step with an increase of 35.7%.

Meanwhile, other segments closed below the average of 32.2%. The range of medium vehicles rose 29%, that of SUVs rose by 27.2% and pickups by 26.7%

The report highlights that, as of January 2023, the Argentine Automotive Sector Price Index (IPSA) changed its calculation base to update the basket of vehicles that comprise it.

The new base includes the prices of 38 models that represent 80% of patents 2022 totals and the 85% of light vehicle patents during the same year.

The index includes vehicles grouped into 5 categories and their weightings: Small Range Automobiles (35% of light vehicle patents), Pick-ups (19%), SUVs (17%)and Automobiles Medium Range (8%) and Light commercial vehicles (without pick-ups) (6%).

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