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AFIP confirmed the end of Registradas, the program that formalized workers in private homes

The program Registeredthe one that promoted the formal incorporation into the labor market of private home workersexpired on December 31, 2023 and will not be renewed. The information was confirmed to Ambit by Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) and the sector’s own union. Until November of last year, they were More than 34 thousand benefited from the policy implemented in September 2021.

”The program expired and today no one can sign up. The AFIP operator, answering the phone, suggests that we call again later to find out if it is renewed.” The phrase is attributed to the Union of Auxiliary Personnel of Private Houses (UPACP), the representative union of the sector. The program was created during the pandemic in the face of stagnation in registration levels, around 400 thousand workers.

With the intention of sustaining employment registered in this branch of activity, which was particularly affected by the effects of Covid-19, andThe State guaranteed the salary contribution of 50% for six months, which rose to eight for holders of the Acompañar Plan: workers with disabilities or with children with disabilities, and trans or transgender people. The employer was in charge of registering on the AFIP page and transferring the percentage of the remaining salary, payment of contributions and the ART.

For its part, The State opened a free salary account in the name of the worker at Banco Nación. The program was compatible with the Universal Child Allowance, the Universal Pregnancy Allowance, Progresar, Food Card, Work Enhancement and others, to dismiss the argument that the employer could not register the worker because of his concern about losing State assistance.

Registered: program balance

The implementation of the program allowed, according to the now eliminated Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, the registration of 46,429 private home workers and a total of 34,235 accessed the benefit. The data covers from September 2021 to November 2023.

In turn, it was observed that approximately 7 out of 10 female workers maintained their formal employment relationship, according to AFIP itself, which now confirms the elimination of Registradas. Regarding financial inclusion, the program contributed to access to a salary account for more than 32,300 workers, while 1,600 of the total requested credit cards and 1,900 took out bank loans with differential rates for the sector, reaching 312 million pesos granted until August of last year. Regarding its geographical distribution, around 60% of the labor relations registrations within the program framework were concentrated in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and the City of Buenos Aires.

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