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Meeting of Diana Mondino with Chinese ambassador to reduce tension

In terms of protocol, both diplomats highlighted the exchange of letters that exists between Javier Milei and the Chinese president Xi Jinping, where the intention of both leaders to strengthen the relationship between the two countries would be expressed. At the same time, they highlighted the importance of 10th anniversary of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership that the nations support and planned to reactivate new bilateral cooperation mechanisms.

“There is no doubt about the importance of commercial exchange between both countries“China being Argentina’s second trading partner, the second destination of our exports and the first source of imports in the country,” said Mondino, who dismissed rumors of meetings with Taiwanese representatives and would have thanked Wang Wei the rapid acceptance of Argentine ambassador to China, Marcelo Suarez Salvia.

The agenda of the two diplomats included the Chinese financing of Argentine infrastructureparticipation in the Belt and Road Initiative sponsored by China, the reform of the United Nations Security Council and Sino-Argentine coordination within multilateral spheres.

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Chinese embassy statement: “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory”

Knowing the differences between Javier Milei and the government of Chinaa series of events deepened the tension in the relationship between both countries, mainly after officials of the Argentine ruling party expressed rapprochements with Taiwanwhose conflict with the Asian power is millennia old.

A first gesture was that of the Buenos Aires deputy and presidential advisor Agustín Romowho held a meeting with a Taiwanese civil servant and he said on social networks that that nation “is ranked number one on the economic freedom index. An example for the free world“.

However, reports that the chancellor Diana Mondino would have held an unofficial meeting with Taiwanese diplomats (including the representative of Taiwan in Argentina, Miao-hung Hsie) in it San Martin Palace On December 26, the discord increased.

That was the framework in which the embassy of China in Argentina suggestively shared the Spanish version of an article from a Chinese state media, where the spokesperson of that country, Mao Ningdeclared: “I want to emphasize that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory.and that the Taiwan question is entirely an internal matter of China and does not allow any foreign interference“. To this, the diplomatic account in our country added: “The key to maintaining peace and stability in the Strait is to defend the principle of one China.”

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The diplomatic impact on the swap with China

In economic and financial terms, the tensions are already had important repercussions on the swap of coins. First, China froze the expansion that had been agreed to by the government of Alberto Fernández (for about US$6,500 million) and could continue, “with the demand for payment of the tranche used, of approximately US$5,000 million,” he explains – in statements to Ambit Emilia Valdoctor in sociology and researcher at the Center for Social Studies of Economics at the IDAES School of the University of San Martín.

Val adds that, while this shouldn’t be repaid immediately, “Yes, it would add external tensions, potentially affecting other aspects of economic relations.such as commercial ones and those related to investments in infrastructure”.

The Economist Federico Glustein agrees with this view and maintains that China could react with an export embargo because The debt with that country is very large, “both in terms of import suppliers and swap funds.” However, he clarifies that it is unlikely that progress will be made in this regard. since he points out that the Asian giant also needs Argentine exports.

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