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They estimate that supplies will rise 50% in February

Two months before the beginning of the school year, bookstores suffered a 100% increase between December and January. Traders project that prices will rise again before the start of classes.

From the data of inflation of Decemberpublished last Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of the Argentine Republic ( INDEC), it was learned that the bookstores increased the price of their products by 100% in it 2023 annual cumulative. But it is already believed that in February the go up in School Supplies will give an advance of the fifty%so concern grows ahead of the start of classes.

Merchants consulted affirm that many of the purchases necessary for the start of the school year were already carried out, anticipating the inflationary escalation. They detail that many families opted for the school supplies as christmas gifts.

Inflation and school supplies: how much will prices rise before the start of classes

In the period between January and December 2023 They registered 100% increases and there will be more at the end of Februaryin anticipation of what will be a difficult March. “There will be another increase, 50%”indicated a businessman interviewed by C5N.

Where appropriate, to avoid a decrease in consumption created three combos with base prices to start school. He kindergarten combo what does it cost $12,188.80 and contains a box of crayons, tempera, small plasticola, small scissors, eraser, plastic pencil sharpener, watercolor, plasticine, icing, colors and two notebooks.

On the other hand, the primary combo worth $25,234 and includes a box of markers, colored pencils, one-story pencil case, pen, labels and 4 notebooks, pencil and erasable eraser, scissors and eraser. In this regard, the merchant indicated that “the same products in February they are going to go between $40,000 and $50,000”.

Lastly, the secondary combo of $26,010 It has: pencil case, three highlighters, adhesive, pens, corrector, eraser, 48-sheet replacements, geometry elements, subject dividers, two folders and colored pens.

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