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Ignacio Torres and Rodrigo de Loredo went to the intersection with Milei after the accusations against Congress

For his part, De Loredo criticized the “widespread accusations what formula” and urged the liberal president to “report and investigate them.” “In both cases the government fails to fulfill the duties of a public official. If the government continues and does not go to court, we will be the ones who will do it,” he assured.

Days ago, Milei He had assured that “the slowness that legislators put” in the process within Congress “is because they seek bribes.” The President added: “Be careful, I didn’t say all, but some. Those who like the discussion and all that so much are because they are looking for bribes. So, Be careful because this points against the corrupt who one thing they seek is for the projects to enter into that dynamic to sell their votes. Be careful because there are a lot of criminals and criminals going around.“.

Faced with these accusations, Torres warned: “It is dangerous and deeply disrespectful to affirm that there are spurious interests in seeking modifications to the Omnibus Law or marking any disagreement with the DNU“.

This Sunday, Milei once again took aim at Congress: “The more delays and nonsense that is done from politics, the market will pay you the bill,” he said in dialogue with Radio Miter, and added that the Government “understands” that “the origin of all evils is the State and the politicians generating fiscal deficits.

“In Congress Either they wear long pants so that Argentines are better or the market takes the toll on us“The responsibility there is to do things well or to dedicate yourself to playing ‘fulbito’ for the stands while they ruin the lives of Argentines as they have done for the last 40 years,” the Head of State said this Sunday.

Rodrigo de Loredo and Ignacio Torres responded to Javier Milei: “They are not going to intimidate our behavior”

After the President’s successive accusations and warnings against Congress, two representatives of the PRO and the UCR came out to respond. For his part, Rodrigo de Loredo assured that The statements “will not intimidate” their behavior. “Despite the systematic grievances, they find us in the position of giving the government the legal tools it needs to carry out its government plan without excesses and without leaving the most vulnerable sectors of society like our retirees defenseless,” he stressed.

Along these lines, he stressed that “none of the matters addressed in the regulatory packages are linked to the urgent economic situation. Starting with the DNU, which has been operational and taking effect since December 29. So they already have those tools. And throughout the text of the omnibus law There is no monetary or fiscal stabilization plan,” he noted.

“So that nor the failure of the BOPREAL tendersneither him The increase in the exchange rate gap nor the escalation of inflation can be linked to the express treatment that we are cooperatively giving to all your orders. For four years the president was decisive in the fact that inflation is a monetary process and not multi-causal as Kirchnerism always argued; it is fallacious that now inflation is due to an unprecedented and rapid parliamentary discussion.

Finally, the radical deputy assured that the Government maintains a “pact of impunity with Kirchnerism” and pointed out four points in which “it is expressed.”

“1) The demonstrations of the government of remove the obligation from the anti-corruption office to be a plaintiff in corruption cases. Who is going to accompany the complex documentary evidence of the causes of corruption if the state steps away from that role? 2) The government’s intention that officials from the last administration can launder funds. 3) The appointment and retention of key officials from the previous government in sensitive areas. 4) The permanent public statements that seek give peace to Peronism that they will not be investigated and that the government will not do anything or that it will help cover up the structural embezzlements that our country received and that brought us here,” he listed.

Ignacio Torres warned that no one “has the absolute truth”

Torres, for his part, joined De Loredo’s statements and added that the 10 governors of the PRO and the UCR are giving “more than enough signs of support and cooperation with a government that assumes a critical situation as a result of the erratic policies that plunged us into poverty.

In any case, he criticized Milei’s accusations and noted: “Many of us consider that the centralist attitude of seek fiscal objectives only affecting regional economies and central productive activities of the interiorincreasing collection through non-shareable tariffs are inadmissible.

“Those of us who want the national government to do well and want the country to move forward as quickly as possible also understand that A comprehensive and federal look at the impact of some measures is necessary and we ask the Government that when they publicly affirm, as has been stated, any crime by any deputy, current official or from previous administrations, governor or mayor, the corresponding complaint is made. In Chubut, every time we saw an irregularity, we not only audited it, but also made the corresponding complaint with name and surname and we will continue to do so”, he emphasized.

Finally, he acknowledged: “We cannot affirm that everything is the same and neither believe that someone has the absolute truth,” and explained his position: “It is an attitude that tends to enrich the reforms and improve them. The assault and the accusations They cannot be the modus operandi for those who don’t think alike on any subject.”

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