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CCL dollar and MEP rebound and are positioned above $1,100

In this context, the CCL dollar rises $15.51 (+1.37%), to $1,151.51. Meanwhile, the MEP dollar climbs $16.7 (+1.52%) to $1,113.


He dollar Cash With Settlement (CCL) rises and breaks streak of four consecutive losses this Monday, January 15, while the MEP It once again exceeds $1,100, the number it had broken on Friday. This occurs on a day without activity on Wall Street due to the holiday commemorating the death of Martin Luther King and with a slight rise in the local market.

Likewise, inflation data for December was known last Thursday, which was 25.5%, the highest in 33 years, and it is expected that this week the markets will continue to adjust to the announcement of agreement with the IMF .

In that context, the CCL dollar rises $15.51 (+1.37%), to $1,151.51. In that way, the gap of this exchange rate with the official one is once again above 40% and is located in the 40.38%.

Meanwhile, the MEP dollar climbs $16.7 (+1.52%) to $1,113. Thus, the spread with the official exchange rate it is positioned in the 36.11%.

“The first weeks of January were characterized by an increase in the price of financial dollars, compared to the calm seen in the last days of December. He increase in the exchange gap “was one of the consequences of the lack of success of the first tenders for the bonus for importers and a liquidation of exports that is beginning to decline due to seasonal issues,” diagnoses the CMF bank daily report.

However, they highlight that The BCRA reported that it issued US$1,179 million in its last BOPREAL tender and on Friday it began to operate – although for an almost insignificant amount – in the secondary market.

How much was the official dollar quoted at today, Monday, January 13

He wholesale dollar is negotiated at $817.80 per unit, that is, $1.80 above Friday’s close.

He official dollar-without taxes- closed at $804.36 for the buys already $863.62 for the sale. In turn, the dollar bill in it National Bank is located in the $797.25 for the buys already $837.65 for the sale.

How much did the blue dollar operate at today, Monday, January 13

He Dolar blue traded unchanged at $1,070for the buys already $1,120 for the saleaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

Price of the card dollar today, Monday, January 13

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) was sold to $1,339.

Crypto dollar quote today, Monday January 13

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,152.72according to Bitso.

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