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The company analyzes continuing in Argentina

Before leaving for Davos, President Javier Mileithe chief of staff, Nicolas Posse and the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo They held a meeting at the Ezeiza airport with the Global CEO of In it, Flavio Cattaneo.

“The President was very convincing. They left excited!” said a senior government source in conversation with this medium. In this regard, he added that “there was a conversation about “How to solve the flow problems so that there is investment again.”

Also highlighted were “the clear ideas that (Javier) Milei has about how to recover the electric energy sector, liberalize the market and regularize the disputes of the past, whether in distribution or hydroelectric generation, “could make us rethink the plans to leave Enel in Argentina,” For his part, a source from the business sector who participated in the meeting said.

And he added that “The measures that the current government is promoting are in line with what other countries are doing and will leave Argentina more competitive. As soon as they are implemented, they will surely attract foreign investment to Argentina.”

The executives were optimistic about what they heard from Milei, especially its commitment to respecting contracts and the defense of private property as a necessary value to leverage the investment and development of the country, “something that seems normal in the world, but in Argentina it has not happened in recent years.”

Enel is the most important utility in Europe. This company of Italian origin has invested US$27 billion in the region in recent years, concentrating its investment in Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Company sources point out that, in Argentina, as a result of state interventionism in recent years, Enel had decided to sell the operation and leave the country; in fact, it sold its thermal generation plants in the first quarter of 2023.

The Secretary of the Presidency also participated in the meeting, Karina Mileiand Alberto de PaoliDirector of Enel for the International area (except Spain) and Claudio Cunha Country Manager Argentina.

Flavio Cattaneo He was only in Argentina for a few hours, but it is very likely that he will return to the country in the near future, on the occasion of a visit by the Italian Government delegation.

It should be noted that President Milei will travel to meet the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni on February 11.

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