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The union closes a 20% increase in January and will negotiate month by month

The UOCRA thus became the first large union to go to a monthly joint scheme.


The Construction Workers Union of the Argentine Republic (UOCRA) closed the first increase of 2024 of 20% monthly. The understanding applies to the Specialized Officer, Officer, Medium Officer, Assistant and Serene categories and will remain in place until next Wednesday the 31st. Then, a second instance of review will be moved forward to be negotiated together with the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO) and the Argentine Federation of Construction Entities (FAEC).

“This 20% increase is on account of what is going to be established in the open joint venture,” the UOCRA detailed to the Infogremiales portal. The increase will be applied to the December 2023 scales.

With no indications to predict short-term trends and just weeks before the start of the high season of tripartite discussion, the Casa Rosada does not offer proposals to mitigate salary losses, which in real terms reaches 30%, placing it “10% below December 2001”, as estimated by Luis Campos, coordinator of the Social Observatory of the Autonomous CTA.

For the few tables that negotiated improvements in the industrial field, the UOCRA agreed to this increase that opens the trend of monthly agreements in the midst of skyrocketing prices.

UOCRA increase: What does the new agreement say and how do the January 2024 tables look like?

The salary improvement for UOCRA construction workers in January 2024 will be applied to the different categories provided for in the Collective Labor Agreement No. 76/75 of 20% and on current income atl December 31, 2023.

“In response to the particular situation that the Argentine economy is going through, to which the activity as a whole is not unrelated, the percentage previously agreed for the period in question will have the character of an initial temporary minimum floor already accounts so that the final amount of the increase corresponding to the month of January 2024 will be subject to what could finally be determined in accordance with the established modality”, states the point of the understanding.

Furthermore, as expanded in paragraph 2, the parties undertake to maintain “constant monitoring of economic variables” (…) in order to define next adjustments based on the evolution of macro conditions.

The UOCRA thus became the first major union to go to a monthly joint scheme.

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