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Patagonians stand out and create their own bloc of seven senators

This space will be presented after the Ofephi meeting and will respond to the governors Alberto Weretilneck (Río Negro), Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén), Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz) and Ignacio Torres (Chubut).

The movements in Congress and the division of traditional spaces will have a new chapter, when tomorrow, Wednesday a new block of seven members is presented in the Senate, six of them from Patagoniathat could twist the course of the Omnibus Law.

This is a space that will make up José María Carambia and Natalia Gadano (Santa Cruz), Andrea Cristina and Edith Terenzi (Chubut), Lucila Crexell (Neuquén), Mónica Silva (Río Negro), who will be joined by Juan Carlos Romero from Salta.

OFEPHI meeting

Strictly speaking, the presentation will be made after the meeting of oil governors within the framework of the Federal Organization of Hydrocarbon Producers (OFEPHI) which will take place in the City of Buenos Aires. And it will be an armed four Patagonian governors: Alberto Weretilneck (Río Negro), Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén), Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz) and Ignacio Torres (Chubut). The first three of provincialism, and the Chubut native linked to the PRO but with gestures of autonomy after the breaks of Together for Change.

Alberto Weretilnek

Alberto Weretilnek

Alberto Weretilnek

At the Ofephi meeting, the leaders will seek to propose an alternative text to Javier Milei’s omnibus law regarding hydrocarbon regulations. And they will condition the Government in its intention to get its project approved. It continues the trend that already occurred in Deputies, where The governors seek to break away from traditional blocks to create spaces that allow direct negotiation with the Casa Rosada.

In this context, a conference by Weretilneck, Figueroa, Vidal and Torres is planned for 4:30 p.m. “It further consolidates the work agenda that they have been having, with a transversal assembly that will have a correlation in Congress. It will be to defend the interests of Patagonia, to propose a productive agenda with a focus on exports, hydrocarbons and tourism,” they told Ámbito from the south of the country.

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