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The organization is open to a new agreement if Argentina requests it

The meeting took place this Wednesday within the framework of the World Economic Forum taking place in Davos (Switzerland). “The meeting could not have gone better and it was also very warm” said a representative of the Argentine mission to Ambit. He also maintained that “Georgieva liked the speech” that Milei pronounced that, I question, the role of multilateral organizations.

After the meeting, Georgieva spread a message on the X network in which she stated Very good meeting with the President of Argentina Javier Milei @JMilei. We talked about Argentina’s profound economic and social challenges and the decisive measures being taken to reduce inflation, promote private sector-led growth and use scarce public money to help the most vulnerable people.

For his part, Milei thanked the Fund for its willingness to quickly close an agreement with Argentina and referred to the main aspects of its policies to balance public accounts. In this regard, she reiterated her “commitment” before the people to achieve fiscal balance, since there is no other way to achieve stability of the economy and return to growth.

One of the points discussed during the meetings was concern for the social situation of the most vulnerable. In this sense, “The Fund is pleased that we are addressing the issue by doubling the Universal Child Allowance and a 50% increase in the Alimentar card”official sources told this medium.

Another of the topics mentioned was dollarization. In this sense, Caputo would have pointed out that ““Dollarization (currency competition) continues to be an objective of this government when the conditions are met.”

New loan

The Argentine delegation also reiterated that for now Argentina does not plan to request new funds. However, the words of the IMF directors were well received at the Treasury Palace in the sense that “If we wanted to make a new agreement, they were open to that possibility.”

This understanding must be approved by the Fund’s Board, which will meet at the end of January. In official driving there is confidence that the board will give its approval and, therefore, it will unlock a disbursement of 4.7 billion dollars that will be used to meet the maturities that the country has with the organization until next April.

The president was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Nicolas Possethe minister Luis Caputothe General Secretary of the Presidency, Karina Milei and the designated ambassador to the United States, Gerardo Werthein. For her part, Georgieva attended with her second, the economist Gita Gopinth.

Milei received Georgieva with a hug and later took a selfie in which Gopinath also participated.

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