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Government confirmed that it will discount the day for state employees who march and urged them to denounce union pressures

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorniconfirmed this Thursday that the Government will discount the day for state workers who participate in the march on January 24 for the general strike summoned by the CGT. He also remembered that there is a free telephone line for those people who want to denounce pressure to comply with the measure of force.

The comments at the press conference at Casa Rosada only made clear the Government’s conviction to dismantle next week’s mobilization, which is estimated to be broad and massive in various parts of the country, with its epicenter in CABA.

CGT strike: the Government confirmed a daily discount for state workers

This morning, presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni confirmed that the Government will deduct from their salaries the day not worked for national state employees who join the strike called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) next Wednesday.

“The decision has been made to deduct the salary of all national state employees who adhere to the measure. The salary is a compensation and whoever does not work will not be paid,” Adorni said in his usual press conference at Casa Rosada.

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General strike of the CGT: statement and complaint of “obscurantism” against the Government

The driving of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) issued a statement this Wednesday titled “The Homeland is not for sale”in which he denounced “the carrying out of meetings endowed with a certain ‘obscurantism’ outside Congress among some legislators and law firms, as in the Savoy Hotel“; demanded that “parliamentary debates must always occur facing the people“and warned that The ruling party is trying to change “the date of analysis of the DNU and the ‘Bases’ law for a Saturday.”

“In parliamentary debates, the discussion in the different committees and the publicity of each act are a right of citizenship to be informed and it is a duty of legislators expose that information,” said the CGT in the text.

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Strike on January 24 of the CGT: the UTA confirmed that there will be bus service until 7 p.m.

The Union Automotive Tram Union (UTA) confirmed that next Wednesday the 24th There will be buses circulating until 7 p.m. and that from that time until 0 o’clock the next day the service will cease, within the framework of the general strike who called the CGT.

“The Unión Tranviarios Automotor informs that, at the request of the CGT, on 01/24/2024 it will comply with normal services until 7:00 p.m. It will then be coupled to the force measure, at the national level, until 0:00 “, reported the union led by Roberto Fernández in a statement.

Héctor Daer responded to Patricia Bullrich for the CGT strike

He Ministery of securityportfolio led by Patricia Bullrichthe telephone line 134 was revived this Tuesday to report “extortions or pressures so that on January 24 you go on strike”, in reference to the general strike organized by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT). Given this, Hector Daer He added his criticism of the ruling party.

The reference of the CGT pointed out that “here no one pushes anyonethey are going to see the people arrive by their own means.” Likewise, he specified in LN+ that there will be an event in front of the Congress to “support all the deputies and senators who are going to act to not ratify the DNU and so that this megaproject that attacks countless sectors of the life of our country does not come out.” At the same time, he understood that “they have neither approval nor will they have a quorum.”

“Here what they want is to continue adjusting where cannot be adjusted further“, considered the union member and criticized the decision of the Secretary of Labor of not increase the Minimum, Living and Mobile Wage due to the general strike on January 24: “We did not have any contact with the state authorities about the salary.”

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