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Bonds in dollars operate with a majority of losses and the initial impulse deflates

This occurs during the week in which President Javier Milei spoke at the Davos Economic Forum before international leaders.


In the local squarethe dollar bonds that register the highest profits are the Global 2046 (+1.4%) and the Global 2041 (+1.3%). Meanwhile, those who give up the most are the Global 2029 (-1.9%) and the Bonar 2035 (-1.1%).

Consequently, the country risk is located in the 1,963 basis points. The JP Morgan index had just recorded a bullish streak of four wheels in a row.

Bonds in pesos: how they operate this Friday, January 19

In the peso segment, the CER titles they operated mixed. Between the go up highlights the PARP advances 8.3% and the TX28 (+4.3%). Meanwhile, those who give up the most are the PR13 (-2.9%) and the DICP (-1.8%).

Last Tuesday, The Government passed the first debt tender in pesos of the yearwhen placing three bonuses that adjust for inflationfor which he obtained $3.9 billionversus maturities for more than $3 billion.

For their part, the bonds dollar linked operate with slight increases. He T2V4 rises 0.3% and the TV24 advances 0.4%.

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