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Government seeks to raise the bus fare to $270 and the train fare to $130

The Government seeks to implement the announced change in the fare schedule for passengers.

The Ministry of Transport declares the opening of the citizen participation instance in the process of modification of passenger ticket prices of trains and buses. This is stated this Friday, through Resolution 1/2024, published in the Official Gazette.

With the announcement of this process, the Government finalizes details to put into effect the new tariff schedule for the metropolitan area starting next month. Within the framework of this objective, it meets the requirement of calling a public hearing. As is known, he will present a request for an increase up to $270 for the minimum value of the bus ticket and $130 for the train ticket.

The consultation will be virtual and non-binding and the measure arises within the framework of the “GENERAL REGULATION OF THE INSTANCE OF CITIZEN PARTICIPATION FOR THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION” approved by article 1 of Resolution 616/2018 of the then Ministry of Transportation regarding the project to modify the tariff schedules for urban and suburban passenger automobile transportation and passenger rail transportation, both of which are under National Jurisdiction.


Source: Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs (AAET).

Source: Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs (AAET).

The Government hopes that, after this public consultation process, it will be decided whether the prices proposed to apply from February of this year are those confirmed and how the rate increase will be applied.

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