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Martín Menem is in Casa Rosada in the middle of the negotiations

The President of the Chamber of Deputies polishes the opinion of the omnibus law that the ruling party will try to pass for signature between Monday and Tuesday of next week. Permanent contact with Javier Milei who is already preparing the decree to extend extraordinary sessions.

The head of the Chamber of Deputies, Martin Menem, It is located in Casa Rosada defining the text of the opinion with the modifications requested by the blocks of the UCR, We Make the Federal Coalition and PRO with the aim of passing it on to the signature in the plenary session of commissions between Monday and Tuesday of next week. The head of the Chamber of Deputies is in permanent contact with Javier Milei who is in Olivos validating the proposals of the opposition blocs But in the fine print of the opinion it has not yet been defined how the calculation for the improvement of retirement benefits will be.

Libertad Avanza had to give in to its intention to set the increases discretionally and by decree, since the formula in force until now was eliminated in the omnibus law. In response to the query of AmbitPresidency sources familiar with the negotiations rejected the possibility that the new formula is based on the variation in monthly inflation measured by the INDEC as proposed by the dialogue opposition blocs this week. “The new formula cannot be just for the CPI, rather than that we prefer that the current formula remain. A new retirement formula cannot be put together in a weekend”said an official with an office in Casa Rosada.

Yes, there is an agreement to eliminate most categories of withholdings to regional economieslimit the term of the emergency with the delegation of legislative powers to one year, extendable for another year – that is, until 2026 -, and exclude YPF from the menu of companies to be privatized.

Extension of extraordinary sessions

In parallel, and before the end of the special session convened until January 31, The National Executive Branch prepares the decree of extension of sessions to give the Senate time to debate the project in plenary commissions and turn it into law before March 1 in the event that Deputies advance with the sanction next week.

The Casa Rosada already had to give in on the fishing, biofuels and hydrocarbons chapter at the request of the governors, in addition to eliminating the article that criminalized meetings of more than three people. The Government, however, obtained the support of the Argentine National Chamber of Tobacco Companies for the articles on taxes.. The proposal contained in the omnibus law includes the elimination of the Minimum Tax and the increase in the Internal Tax on cigarettes from 70% to 73%, which would bring a situation of equality for all companies in the sector, as expressed by CANET.

The presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni He also highlighted the support of “a sector of the opposition” for the draft Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines, sent by the Executive Branch to Congress, as well as that expressed by SME businessmen and the Industrial Union Argentina (UIA), and reiterated that “Whoever does not work will not get paid” when ratifying the discounts for public administration workers who join the strike called for next January 24.

“I would like to highlight the work in the Chamber of Deputies, especially with a sector of the opposition that is not only reasonably accompanying us but has made countless improvements to the law that we have very much welcomed,” he expressed. Adorni at his usual press conference at Casa Rosada.

In this way, the presidential spokesperson referred to the dialogue that government officials held yesterday with deputies from La Libertad Avanza (LLA) and the opposition blocks of the PRO, We Make the Federal Coalition, Federal Innovation and the UCR to agree on reforms in the Bases project.

“A sector of the opposition has achieved endless improvements to the law, which we have received with great pleasure. It is a very reasonable sector of the opposition that works very hard, which makes us very happy,” Adorni said.

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