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There will be no service from 7 p.m. to closing

In addition, they indicated that non-operational sectors such as station personnel, workshops and fixed facilities will adhere to the force measure from 12. The strike will affect the six lines and the premetro.

“The DNU and the Omnibus Law affect the vast majority of Argentine society and only benefit transnational personnel and the large concentrated economic groups of our country. We are not going to allow this brutal adjustment or give up any of our achievements,” said the metrodelegates.

“The Automotive Tram Union informs that, at the request of the CGT, On 01/24/2024 it will comply with normal services until 7:00 p.m. Then it will be coupled to the measure of force, at the national level, until 0:00,” reported the union that leads Roberto Fernandez it’s a statement.

At the CGT’s own request, a document signed by the owner of the La Fraternidad Train Drivers Union ratified the strike and guaranteed the operation of public transport of passengers between 0 and 7 p.m.

“The objective is facilitate concentration and deconcentration of any citizen who wants to express himself that day, making use of the constitutional right to petition the authorities against the abuses disguised as DNU and the ‘Bases’ law of this adolescent Government. Ugatt will stop freight transportation, logistics and services,” he explained. Omar Maturano, general secretary of La Fraternidad.

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