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opposition warns that the Government seeks to transfer the ANSES Guarantee Fund to the Treasury

The updated text of “Draft Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines”presented in the last hours in the office of the president of the lower house, Martin Menem, It seeks to bring the parties together with a sector of the opposition in order to issue an opinion and, subsequently, achieve approval in the extraordinary sessions.

In this frame, Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez, former deputy and director of the Federal Consensus Institutepointed out that, “the Government insists with its proposal to “transfer” the ANSeS Sustainability Guarantee Fund to the Treasury and, as a distraction, they intend to give a wooden candy to “the dialogue opposition.”


The warning about the ANSES Guarantee Fund

The statements arise as a result of the official proposal that proposes that “to liquidate the assets” of the FGS“there must be a prior favorable opinion from the Bicameral Commission for State Reform and Privatization Monitoring.”

“Quite a distraction, because It is not about any privatization nor strictly a ‘state reform’ measure.. Furthermore, an opinion is not a law. But the most important thing is that Milei, Sturzenegger and Caputo plan to use that Fund to pledge it as collateral for upcoming external debt operations. It is not liquidating; is to use it for debt,” says the leader.

Omnibus law: Guillermo Francos said that “two or three alternatives” are being studied for retirement mobility

Guillermo Francosthe Minister of the Interior, announced this Friday that There are ”two or three alternatives” that are being studied to establish increases in retirees’ incomean issue at the center of the debate after the sending to Congress of the bill ”Bases and Points for the Freedom of Argentines”.

Furthermore, since Freedom Advances, they are considering making modifications to the article, but without changing the meaning of the norm. They propose that, while the automatic formula is established, The Government has the power to make periodic increasesgiving priority to the lowest-income beneficiaries: retirees and pensioners who earn the minimum.

Francos declared that “leaving the formula as is would be a“of those alternatives and the others could be linked to”generate update by some index“, as if due to inflation.

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