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governors raise differences and the ruling is still far away

As Ámbito learnedthe meeting via Zoom has already begun between the 10 governors of JxC along with presidents and representatives of the blocks of space deputiesto discuss and try to resolve differences by omnibus law.

They were invited to the virtual meeting the 10 JxC governors plus Cristian Ritondo (PRO), Miguel Ángel Pichetto, Nicolás Massot, Soledad Carrizo and Rodrigo De Loredo (UCR).

In parallel, and before the end of the extraordinary period of sessions convened until January 31, the National Executive Branch prepared the decree of extension of sessions to give the Senate time to debate the project in a plenary session of committees and turn it into law before January 1 March in the event that Deputies advance with the sanction next week.

Omnibus law: meetings between governors and JxC leaders continue

The negotiation table shows that pro It is divided. Pichetto’s bloc (We Make the Federal Coalition) has 23 deputies and in recent days they have expressed some reservations regarding the Executive’s initiative. In this sense, they proposed a proposal to dismantle special tax deduction regimes to compensate for the drop in revenue.

“We are still far from agreeing on a ruling with LLA,” one of the meeting participants told this medium. There are several points under discussion that still block the agreement that the ruling party needs to have a favorable majority opinion and carry out the discussion of the omnibus law to the venue next week.


The points that still hinder the agreement between the Casa Rosada and the governors and the JxC blocks (UCR, PRO and Pichetto) are the new retirement formula (retirement reform), withholdings, the General Sustainability Fund (FGS) and compensation for the drop in collection in the provinces.

The Freedom Advances (LLA) It had to give in its intention to set pension increases on a discretionary basis and by decree, since the omnibus law eliminated the formula in force until now.

In response to the query of Ambit, Presidency sources familiar with the negotiations rejected the possibility that the new formula is based on the variation in monthly inflation measured by INDEC, as proposed by the dialogue opposition blocs this week. “The new formula cannot be just for the CPI, rather than that we prefer that the current formula remain. A new retirement formula cannot be put together in a weekend,” stated an official with an office in Pink House.

On the other hand, the ruling party also had to give in on the fishing, biofuels and hydrocarbons chapter at the request of the governors, in addition to eliminating the article that criminalized meetings of more than three people.

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