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tourist movement recovered in the second half of January

This weekend represents the best of the summer season 2024 for the city of Mar del Plata. After the low expectations that the first days of January caused, tourism grew in accommodation, circulation through the most visited spaces and transit through the entrances to the city.

The Hotel Association highlighted that during this last weekend it was reachedl 90% occupancy in hotel roomswhile the reserves of houses and apartments reached 85% for the second fortnight of the month. In turn, on Saturday an average of 2,400 cars per hour circulated through the Highway 2 and about 1,700 for the Route 11the two alternatives to get to Mar del Plata and the other seaside resorts.

According to him Municipal Tourism and Culture Entity (Emturyc)the first fortnight of the year closed with the visit of 666,083 tourists to Mar del Plata, 5.7% less -about 40,000 people- than the same period in 2023. However, they highlighted that “La Feliz” did not register “a sharp drop in activity”, “differentiating itself from other destinations” in the Atlantic Coast who were most affected.


Mar del Plata continues to be the most chosen destination on the Atlantic Coast.

Vacations on the coast: they warn that it is a season of “weekends”

“On weekends”. This is how he defined president of the Pinamar Chamber of Tourism, Alfredo Baldinito the 2024 season on the Atlantic coast. In an interview for Telam Radiomaintained that his town and all the tourist destinations on the coast “have a strong increase in accommodation” on Saturdays and Sundays, but a sharp drop during the week.

In this way, the businessman characterized as “weekend” the current summer season on the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires, although which explains that “there is an occupation (in terms of accommodation) of course smaller than last year”.

“Last year, January ended with 90% occupancy. And this year, during the weekends we will be at 80%, while during the week it drops to 55% or 60%,” he explained. Baldini.

In another passage of his dialogue with this agency, the businessman made the difference that “in his opinion” exists between the time tourists spend in Pinamar during 2023 and so far in 2024: “Until last season, no one stayed less than seven days in the city while today that is not happening. “They are short.”

The first half of January closed with the arrival of 666,083 tourists to Mar del Plata, which represents a 5.7% less -around 40 thousand- in relation to last season although above previous years. This is clear from the official records kept by the Municipal Tourism and Culture Entity (Emturyc), from where they recently highlighted that in the midst of the strong socioeconomic crisis The city “is differentiating itself from other destinations” in which a sharp drop in activity was recorded.

The data on the arrival of tourists to Mar del Plata was released this Monday by Emturyc at the end of the first half of January. In detail, from that report it appears that between January 1 and this Monday 15 arrived in the city 666,083 tourists,

Summer 2024: how much does it cost to eat on the beach?

Eating on the beach costs up to 400% more than the summer former. Faced with prices that rise from one day to the next, a simple lunch can cost around $10 thousand. Anyway, there is a way to spend a day of sun and sea without neglecting the pocket.

pass a Beach’s day in the Atlantic Coastone of the destinations most chosen by Argentines during the summer, can be very expensive if you go empty-handed. Given this scenario, one of the strategies most used by families to save during the holidays and reduce the departure budget Its the bring food and drinks to the beach.


In Pinamarfood prices increased by up to 400% compared to last summer. The current context delayed the Bookings in the main tourist destinations, and the sharp price increase caused fewer people will travel to the coast and that, whoever did it, They will moderate their level of daily expenses.

Gastronomic, hoteliers, inn owners and regulars of this city agree that this season started late and that the dynamic changed: as they explain, now no one comes for a full fortnightand stays are generally shorter, weekend getaways.

In this spa town, a corn on the beach it costs $2,000300% more than last year, while the dozen churros increased to $5,000. Meanwhile, a lunch at a parador varies between $9,000 and $13,000 per person.

Mar del Plata

In Mar del Platawhere being a large city you can find a wide range of prices, the situation is not very different.

A tour of different spas in the central area of The Pearl shows that you can have lunch at a hostel by $8,500 (a Milanese with fries, drink and dessert), a hamburger at a beach bar from $3,500 or opt for street vending, as a corn either pancho by $2,000.

Meanwhile, in the restaurants located in front of the sea in the center, a plate of rabas with a beer does not go down the $10,000.

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