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The Government extended the extraordinary sessions in the midst of the debate on the omnibus law

The period is extended until February 15. The measure aims to be able to approve the omnibus law. It also adds new projects to the official agenda.

The Government made official, through the Decree 57/2024published in the Official bulletinthe extension of extraordinary sessions in the National Congress until the February 15. The standard bears the signature of President Javier Milei and the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse. Meanwhile, the ruling party has obstacles in achieving a favorable opinion in the Deputies, before the differences that the governors of Together for Change (JxC) expressed in the last hoursabout the project omnibus law.

extends extraordinary sessions 01-22-2024

Congress: Government made official extension of extraordinary sessions

In the first section of Decree 57/2024 it says: “The Extraordinary Sessions of the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF THE NATION, convened by Decree No. 76 dated December 22, 2023, are extended until February 15, 2024.”

In Article 2, it refers to the reason for the extension of extraordinary sessions, in order to discuss the omnibus bill or “Bases Law”, the central objective of the Government for its management.


Mariano Fuchila

Extraordinary sessions in Congress: Government adds initiatives to the omnibus law agenda

In the 3rd article of the decree published this Monday, January 22, it was also confirmed that the Government will include a series of tmas, which are added to the agenda of trafficking initiatives together with the omnibus law.

“Included in the agenda to be discussed by the HONORABLE CONGRESS OF THE NATION, during the current period of Extraordinary Sessions, is the consideration of the following matters: 1) Bill authorizing the entry of foreign troops into the national territory to participate in the exercise “Combined Training for the Defense of Argentine Fisheries Resources”, which will be carried out between the Naval Prefecture of the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC and the coast guard USCG James of the Coast Guard of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA during the month of April 2024 ; 2) Bill that replaces Chapter II –National Defense- of Title IV –Security and Defense- of the Bill of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines, communicated by Message No. 7 of December 27, 2023; 3) Bill amending the Penal Code and Law No. 25,246 regarding the Prevention and Repression of Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”, details.

Omnibus law: governors of Together for Change stand and the ruling is far away

The League of Governors of Together for Change (JxC) They met via Zoom this morning with the heads of the block of deputies of the UCR, We Make the Federal Coalition and PRO to define the position regarding the Government’s omnibus bill.

At the moment, the leaders continue to express differences regarding the initiative that the president Javier Milei sent to Congress and the possibility of these opposition blocs accompanying a ruling from La Libertad Avanza is far away.

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