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Protests outside Congress over the omnibus law

The plenary session of commissions opened the session after a long day of negotiations between the ruling party and the dissident opposition to reach an agreement on the opinion of the omnibus law.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s mobilization summoned by the CGTin the context of general strikea group of protesters approached the outskirts of Parliament where it finishes being outlined andThe opinion that will be debated in the Chamber of Deputiesinitially this Thursday, with posters repudiating the president Javier Milei and to the main officials of his Cabinet.

The Government expedites negotiations to reach an agreement for the opinion in Deputies

The plenary session of commissions was convened for 6 p.m. this Tuesday, but the time had to be moved to 8:30 p.m. due to the negotiations that the Government is carrying out with different sectors of the opposition to manage to issue an opinion and debate the omnibus bill in the Chamber of Deputies At the end of the week.

The biggest differences are with the block of deputies of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), headed by Rodrigo De Loredo. For its part, We Make the Federal Coalition, led by Miguel Ángel Pichetto, would give freedom of action when voting.

However, these movements They would not cause complications for La Libertad Avanza to achieve the ruling.

It is expected that legislators will already have an agreement to advance a common opinion, although with dissent. The agreement was reached after the Government agreed to reformulate some articles of the Bases bill requested by the governors of Together for Change, initiatives linked to the money laundering, to the Sustainability Guarantee Fund, the minimum teacher salary and the Trust Fund for Provincial Developmentreported opposition spokesmen.

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