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You have to stop putting pressure on the governors

The national deputy of Hacemos Coalión Federal said that the Minister of Economy “did not have the courage to come to Congress.”

In the framework of the debate for the omnibus lawhe deputy national of We make the Federal Coalition Miguel Ángel Pichetto responded harshly to threat that the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo made to the governors in case said rule is not approved. In a post on his social networks He called on him to “stop putting pressure on the governors.”

“The Minister of Economy who did not have the courage to come to Congresshas to stop putting pressure on the governors,” Pichetto published on his X account (former Twitter) and added that he has to “try to search for agreements with provincial governments instead of threatening them.

Until this Tuesday night, Freedom Advances had gotten the opinion majority with signatures in dissent from sectors of the PRO, the UCR, We Make a Federal Coalition, Federal Innovation and Uniblocks.

Caputo’s threat against the provinces if the omnibus law is not approved

Within the framework of debate over the omnibus lawhe Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, published a message on his social network X (ex Twitter) in which slide a threat to the provinceswhich basically consists of an announcement regarding the cuts that will be applied to the budget if they do not vote in favor of the approval of the rule.

“I met with him Secretary of the Treasury and the Undersecretary of the Provinces to outline all the provincial items that will be cut immediately if any of the economic articles are rejected,” says Caputo. He clarifies, however, that “it is not a threat,” but only confirmation that “we are going to comply with the mandate that the majority of Argentines has given us to balance fiscal accounts”.

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