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BCRA placed almost US$2.5 billion and there was a record participation

The BOPREAL results were positive compared to previous tenders.

Ignacio Petunchi

The Central Bank (BCRA) reported on result of the fifth BOPREAL tender Series 1 and reported that they were awarded US$2,454 million. Likewise, they highlighted that a record participation was achieved, with a total of 690 companies.

Likewise, it is worth remembering that this Tuesday, January 24, the registration period in the Commercial Debt Register that the Government designed with the objective of being honest and knowing the status of the commercial debt left by the previous government, whose management restricted the access to dollars to pay obligations incurred abroad. And they reported that a total of debts of US$42.6 billion were recorded, of which nearly US$8.5 billion were declared canceled without access to the exchange market.

“The analysis of the recorded information revealed a high atomization of the debt,” highlighted the monetary regulator.

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